Guess what? Atlanta startups are soaring high, and it’s about time we dive into this blossoming tech hub. Yup, Atlanta isn’t just about peaches and sports anymore. So, let’s get started and uncover what’s brewing in the ATL, shall we?

  • First things first, let’s explore the innovation—these startups have mind-bending ideas that’ll knock your socks off.
  • I’ve got some real-life examples queued up that’ll have you saying, “Wow, that’s seriously impressive!”
  • And, naturally, we’ll delve into the stories behind these startups, because who can resist a good tale of determination and success?

So, find a cozy spot, and let’s get ready to be amazed by Atlanta’s booming startup scene. You might even find yourself itching to join the tech revolution or become a dedicated fan of these rising stars.

Stay with me, and we’ll uncover the hidden gems of Atlanta’s thriving startup community.


Future leaders are equipped by OneTrust to succeed via influence and trust. OneTrust’s Trust Intelligence Platform links privacy, GRC, ethical, and ESG teams, data, and processes so that all businesses can work together easily and place trust at the core of their culture and operations.

OneTrust is used by more than 12,000 customers to unlock value and prosper by acting in ways that benefit people and the environment. OneTrust enables businesses to succeed by upholding moral principles and protecting the environment.

Simply Business

Simply Business provides assistance to small businesses because they are frequently ill-equipped to locate the appropriate insurance. The business locates suitable insurance providers for businesses, narrowing down their list based on the sector of business their clients operate in and the kind of insurance they want.

A wide range of professionals can find the ideal insurance provider through Simply Business, from painters to lawn care experts. Simply Business helps small businesses by giving them access to insurance and small business knowledge.


RoadSync is a platform for digital payments designed specifically for the logistics sector. RoadSync has worked to streamline and speed up financial management and logistics transactions since its inception.

Financial solutions support the logistics sector, but with antiquated manual procedures, tools, and features, they frequently make already complex procedures much more difficult. RoadSync’s goal is to use top-notch technology, automation, and a commitment to simplicity to bring financial solutions into the digital age.

Agora Services

Community banks and credit unions can access a cloud-based platform for their banking needs from Agora Services, a fintech business. Customers have the option to construct their goods with their Lego Box. Also, they have the option of signing up for the Plug-and-Play Bundled Plan.

Consumers will subsequently be able to manage their accounts instantly without having to change their main banking infrastructure. Agora wants to enable clients use fintech technologies to enhance the customer experience without having to pay fintech charges. Also, the solutions are simple to incorporate into current systems. The CEO and CTO of Agora Services are Arcady Lapiro and Shekhar Khakurdikar.

Flock Safety

This Atlanta-based business uses IoT technology and machine intelligence to combat crime and safeguard privacy. Almost 1200 communities use this public safety operating system. When a car’s licence plate, a vehicle that has been stolen, a person has gone missing, or there are any outstanding warrants, Flock Safety employs its technology to interact with the National Crime and Information Center (NCIC) and send real-time warnings.

All of this makes urban areas safer by managing the rising crime rates. Statistics provided by Flock Safety show that their cloud-based software has been successful in lowering crime by 70%.


In today’s school sector, Boxlight offers solutions that are strong and comprehensive but unequalled. Where the company’s enthusiasm for education will lead educational technology, classroom teachers, and students in the coming years is even more inspiring. Boxlight, a US-based firm that was founded in 1985, rose fast up the Inc.

500 lists and came to be known for its projection and display solutions for industry, government, and education. Mimio was established in 1997 by five inventive MIT students. They produced the ink capture system, their main product, by fusing ingenuity with their love of education. Boxlight purchased Mimio in 2016. They form a significant global supplier of educational technologies.


A debit card and money app for families is called Greenlight. Their goal is to educate parents about the financial world and equip them to create financially savvy children. Greenlight is used by millions of parents and children to work, save, budget, gift, and invest. Flexible spending limits, task management, automated allowances, and future investment planning are all options available to parents.

Although the Greenlight team is based in Atlanta, they have team members all around the nation. Drive Capital, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, TTV Capital, Relay Ventures, NEA, Amazon, Ally Financial, SunTrust Bank, and Synchrony Financial all provide financial support for them.


With its ability to connect users with nearby grocery stores, Instacart is revolutionising the way people shop for food. It only takes entering an address to create a tonne of nearby dining options and view their choices in a digital format. A group of Instacart shoppers may pick up and deliver food the same day after clients make their orders, ensuring that everyone has access to the meals they most need need.

To enable online shopping, delivery, and pickup services from more than 75,000 retailers in more than 13,000 cities in North America on the Instacart Marketplace, the company collaborates with more than 900 national, regional, and local retail brands.


A software-as-a-service company called Popmenu helps businesses turn their menus into customer conversion engines. They are dedicated to working with businesses and assisting them in navigating the uncharted territory since they value neighbourhood favourites and recognise the growing relevance of technology.

Popmenu has persisted in working closely with restaurants to provide user-friendly restaurant technology solutions that draw in and engage customers, increase sales, and foster steadfast customer loyalty.


A membership website called Steady serves the gig economy. Users who download the free Steady App can look for side jobs that are location-based. Members can further filter jobs on the platform based on their requirements and personal situations. As one of the best startups in Atlanta, Steady’s objective is to assist members in generating additional money.

Given how many people are actively seeking to do so at the moment, the app may be quite helpful. Moreover, Steady provides Emergency Cash Grants to its members in need. Shaquille O’Neal, a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, co-founded Steady, which is run by CEO Adam Roseman and COO Ozgur Uzuner.


A financial business called Bakkt focuses on providing rewards and loyalty programmes for its online customers. The platform uses blockchain technologies to accomplish this. With a focus on cryptocurrencies, Bakkt assists its customers by collecting their digital assets and liquifying them for quick trade, transfer, and payment.

Through a variety of redemption options, businesses connected to the Bakkt ecosystem benefit from lower payment acceptance costs and high customer engagement. Bakkt was established in 2018 and develops technology that links commerce.


They are a prime and surplus commodities online B2B marketplace for materials utilised in industrial markets. Its platform is made to benefit sellers by maximising price performance, reducing time to market, extending market reach, and lowering sales and marketing-related costs.

For purchasers, their marketplace expands selection and market transparency while decreasing the amount of time and money needed to look for, identify, assess, and buy resources. Their innovative search engine and materials listing process are important components of their online marketplace. This streamlines a lengthy procedure by giving buyers and sellers a user-friendly interface.


Calendly is a successful business with many prospects to advance your career. With its effective yet user-friendly automatic scheduling technology, communicating with others is made easier so you can get more done.

A pleasant scheduling experience, more time to focus on priority priorities, and flexibility to suit both lone people and big teams benefit millions of users. For a smooth user experience, Calendly integrates with Google, Office 365, and Outlook calendars as well as tools like Salesforce, Stripe, PayPal, Google Analytics, GoToMeeting, and Zapier.


CharterUP provides a straightforward option that is at your fingertips when chartering a bus to transport medium- to large-sized groups of people. In order to give users a more precise picture of transportation possibilities, CharterUP rapidly evaluates estimates and prices from nearby vendors, providing them with ratings, reviews, and images.

In order to offer transit options for companies of all sizes, CharterUP even gives users the option to design temporary or permanent bus routes. The top charter bus companies in the US are partnered with CharterUP.


Enterprise-grade bitcoin payment options are provided by BitPay to corporations and organisations. In 2011, when Bitcoin was still in its infancy, BitPay was established. They recognised bitcoin’s potential to transform the banking sector by enabling faster, safer, and more affordable worldwide payments.

They are innovators developing blockchain payment technology to revolutionise the way companies and individuals transmit, receive, and store money globally.

Relay Payments

Relay Payments is an end-to-end payment network that gives logistics companies new payment choices. Software for transportation management is integrated with the payment system as well (TMS). As a result, it can be used for safe and immediate payments by carriers, brokers, shippers, and drivers. Relay Payments aims to increase the effectiveness of lumper payments.

As a result, drivers can optimise their Hours of Service by getting back on the road more quickly. Relay Payments, led by CEO Ryan Droege and President Spencer Barkoff, is one of Atlanta’s best startups that has received $43 million in impressive investor backing since 2019.


Giving decisions and procedures might feel like detours and roadblocks that slow down a person’s progress on their trip. A journey’s potential to become a memorable life narrative can be determined by how steadily it is advanced. By facilitating better and more convenient methods to give with intention, they use technology to inspire individuals to embark on their own journeys of generosity.

This company can assist you in streamlining the procedure if you invest in many charities. One account is provided by Charityvest for all of your tax-deductible charitable donations. Donating complicated assets like shares and cryptocurrency is made simple and uncomplicated by the company. With the help of more than 6,000 donors, Clarityvest has helped raise more than $20 million for charity.

Artis Technologies

For businesses to offer low-friction, cheap funding to their clients at the time of need, Artis Technology powers modern lending solutions. Their API-based systems use ML/AI-informed decision engines and alternative data sources to present real-time loan offers tailored to each borrower individually, all while operating within the confines of the banking industry’s current regulatory framework.

By delivering downstream loans through already-existing company customer relationships or the Artis network, banking institutions can rapidly and inexpensively gain market share. This increases demand for the products and services of local businesses and enables them to reach consumers where they are.


Stord’s goal is to give customers a competitive edge in the supply chain. Stord, which was established in 2015 and has its headquarters in the centre of Atlanta’s thriving tech scene, is a leader in cloud supply chain. Cloud supply chain is the fusion of logistics’ physical and digital components.

With the speed, flexibility, and simplicity of contemporary cloud software, businesses can use Stord to establish, expand, and improve their physical supply chain operations across freight, warehousing, and fulfilment. Businesses may access hundreds of top-tier partner warehouses, fulfilment centres, and carriers as well as Stord’s hybrid network of operated facilities with just one integration, giving them end-to-end visibility into their entire supply chains from a single dashboard.


The most cutting-edge marketing solutions are offered by Mailchimp for companies that need to establish a strong online presence swiftly. Mailchimp has developed a platform where businesses can design emails, build landing pages, study client demographics, and more. Marketing teams may create timely communications that are suited to target consumers thanks to the availability of multiple skills in one location.

The All-Inclusive integrated marketing platform for small businesses, Mailchimp helps you expand your company on your terms.

Innovien Solutions

For mid-sized to large businesses, Innovien Solutions, an IT support firm, provides managed services and technology consultancy. Additionally, it offers personnel augmentation and project implementation.

Its objective is to offer clients the IT specialists they require for digital transformation. The company is led by CEO Camryn (Skladany) Mastel and Director for Talent Experience Casey Siega-Riz.


With its unique GrayKey technology, Grayshift offers law enforcement professionals working in the field of digital forensics a clever approach to process information to resolve cases more quickly. A mobile device with a forensic focus called Grayshift makes it legal to legally extract encrypted data in order to crack cases more quickly.

Both Android and iOS are supported by the GravKey-related software. Additionally, it provides total control over the chain of custody for the evidence in order to prevent the inadmissibility of evidence.

48forty Solutions

With a nationwide network of facilities and a fleet that are both company-owned and -operated, 48forty Solutions is the largest pallet management services provider in North America.

A customer-focused network of 225 locations and 2,400 personnel provides comprehensive pallet solutions, such as supply and retrieval, on-site services, reverse logistics, and packaging supplies, to local and national businesses.

FAQs on Atlanta startups

What is the current state of the Atlanta startup ecosystem, and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

Fintech, health tech, and cybersecurity are areas of particular strength for Atlanta’s thriving startup community.

There is a thriving startup culture in the city that promotes innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility because to the city’s rich cultural legacy, diversified population, and advantageous location.

A dearth of finance and resources, as well as fierce competition for talent, are among the other difficulties the ecosystem faces.

What are some notable Atlanta-based startups, and what makes them successful?

Calendly, a provider of scheduling software, Kabbage, an online financing platform, and SalesLoft, a provider of sales interaction tools, are just a few of the notable startups established in Atlanta.

These new businesses have found success by employing cutting-edge technology, shaking up established markets, and putting the needs of their customers first.

In addition, many Atlanta startups place a premium on diversity and inclusiveness, which has contributed to the city’s welcoming startup environment.

How has Atlanta’s history as a center of civil rights activism influenced the city’s startup culture?

The city of Atlanta’s startup culture has been heavily influenced by the city’s past as a hub of civil rights action.

Many Atlanta-based entrepreneurs share a dedication to doing good in the world and putting their values into practice.

The city’s population and cultural diversity have also contributed to the growth of a thriving startup community that places a premium on innovation, teamwork, and concern for social equity.

What are some of the challenges facing Atlanta startups, and how are they addressing them?

There are a number of obstacles that Atlanta-based entrepreneurs must overcome, such as a scarcity of available finance and resources, a talent gap, and fierce rivalry from neighboring startup hubs.

Several entrepreneurs are responding to these problems by forming strategic alliances with other companies and institutions, turning to non-traditional funding mechanisms like crowdfunding, and employing novel approaches to human resources to attract and keep the best employees.

How does Atlanta’s startup ecosystem compare to other tech hubs like Silicon Valley or New York City?

Although Atlanta’s startup environment is not as well-known as those in Silicon Valley or New York City, it does have some distinct advantages, such as a strong emphasis on social responsibility and community engagement.

Attracting and retaining top talent is facilitated by the city’s educated workforce, diversified population, and robust arts and cultural scene.

What role do universities and research institutions in Atlanta play in supporting the city’s startup ecosystem?

Atlanta’s academic institutions, such as Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, are invaluable to the city’s startup community.

These establishments serve as gateways to a wealth of opportunities, including incubators and accelerators, as well as cutting-edge research and talent.

In addition, many Atlanta-based firms have deep roots in the academic community and rely heavily on collaborative research initiatives.

What industries are Atlanta startups focusing on, and what are some emerging trends in the local startup scene?

Fintech, health tech, cybersecurity, and logistics are just a few of the many fields where Atlanta’s companies are making waves.

Sustainability and environmental innovation, artificial intelligence and machine learning in a variety of contexts, and blockchain technology are all on the rise in the local startup scene.

What resources are available to Atlanta startups, such as incubators, accelerators, and venture capital firms?

Many incubators, accelerators, and venture capital firms are available to Atlanta’s startup community.

To ensure the continued development and success of businesses, these tools supply them with capital, guidance, and connections.

The ATDC, Atlanta Tech Village, and Venture Atlanta are just a few examples.

How do Atlanta startups approach issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry?

There is a growing awareness within Atlanta’s startup community of the value of cultivating a welcoming and diverse workplace environment.

Some Atlanta-based startups have established diversity and inclusion committees, partnered with local organizations to expand access to employment for underserved populations, and mentored and supported diverse founders to increase diversity and inclusion in the company.

What is the outlook for Atlanta startups in the next few years, and how are they positioning themselves for success in a rapidly changing business landscape?

Atlanta’s startup scene has a bright future because so many companies there are adapting to the dynamic market.

Atlanta startups will need to be adaptable and creative to keep up with the city’s growing investment and talent pools and the ever-changing landscape of available technology and industry trends.

Startups in Atlanta have the ability to make a huge difference by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, forming robust collaborations, and committing to social responsibility.

Conclusion on Atlanta startups

Atlanta may have been derided as the “Silicon Valley of the South” a decade ago, but the city has done a lot to merit this moniker. Atlanta has developed into a digital powerhouse that can compete with its West Coast rivals because to a dedication to supporting local enterprises and talent. We are honoured to be one of the most important resources for entrepreneurs in Atlanta.

Atlanta is tremendously fortunate to have such a wide variety of resources, incubators, and accelerators to select from. With all these resources, though, business owners could be unsure about the best choice for their firm. Entrepreneurs can choose the ideal incubator or accelerator by determining their startup’s stage, location, and the exact resources they require.

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