Imagine settling into your favorite chair, the glow of the screen illuminating eager faces, and the drama of business unfolds. In the world of business TV shows, the cut-throat boardrooms and the intoxicating scent of start-up success breathe life into our entrepreneurial spirit.

Let’s face it, you’re not just watching for entertainment; it’s the hustle, the strategy, the art of the deal that grips you.

Within these narratives lies a trove of knowledge. Couched between the plot twists and character arcs are real-world lessons on management, leadership challenges, and marketing tactics.

That’s the magic, isn’t it? Gaining insight while you’re swept away in the drama of Shark Tank or absorbing negotiation skills from a riveting episode of The Apprentice.

By the end of this read, you’ll unravel the fabric of these series, extracting not just viewing pleasure, but also valuable business acumen.

We’ll delve into how these programs can serve as more than your evening unwind, becoming a catalyst for innovation and a glimpse into the market trends analysis.

Join me on this unconventional path to learning, where entertainment meets education.

The most recommended business TV shows

TV Show TitleYear ReleasedNumber of SeasonsMain Focus
Billions20165 (as of 2023)Finance, Power, Legal Drama
Succession20183 (as of 2023)Media Empire, Family Politics
Mad Men20077Advertising, 60s Business World
Shark Tank200912 (as of 2023)Entrepreneurship, Investment
The Profit20137 (as of 2023)Turnaround Management
Silicon Valley20146Tech Startups, Comedy
The Apprentice200415Business Competitions
Suits20119Legal Drama, Corporate Law
Halt and Catch Fire20144Tech Industry, 80s Computer Boom
Dragons’ Den2005 (UK version)18 (as of 2023, UK)Entrepreneurship, Investment

What is the importance of business TV shows? 

There are many reasons why business TV shows are important.

For one, they provide valuable insight into the world of business and entrepreneurship, teaching us about what it takes to succeed in this competitive and ever-changing field.

They can also help us gain inspiration and motivation, as we watch people overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Additionally, these shows can be fun and entertaining, keeping us engaged with interesting characters and storylines.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur yourself or simply want to learn more about business, there’s something out there for everyone when it comes to business TV shows!

The best business TV shows you can watch

If you’re looking for some great business TV shows to watch, look no further than this list!

Whether you prefer real-life series that is based on true events or more fictional tales of entrepreneurship and success, there’s something for everyone here.

From the popular show “Shark Tank” to gripping courtroom dramas like “Suits”, these shows will keep you intrigued and entertained while also teaching you valuable lessons about business and life.

So what are you waiting for? Start watching these amazing business TV shows today!

Shark Tank

Although Shark Tank on ABC doesn’t only focus on finance, if you pay attention closely, it will teach you about investing wisely.

The Shark Tank show also covers how to properly pitch your product to investors and make your idea irresistible while avoiding common mistakes entrepreneurs make.

Investors in real-life and entrepreneurs show their products to actual investors, who are known as “sharks”. If shark investors like the product, they can invest their money.

The show features the famous Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, “Queen of QVC” Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary. It’s a show that anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur should watch.

The Profit

Obviously, if you’re a business owner or are thinking about starting your own company, watching CNBC’s The Profit would be beneficial for you.

The entire show is based around Marcus Lemonis–a multimillionaire CEO– conversing with the owners of small businesses that frequently have money troubles.

These enterprises can be anything from auto shops to burger places.

In order to ascertain if a company is worth its investment, he looks into its “three Ps” — people, products, and processes.

If the business meets his criteria, he exchanges money for ownership stakes and becomes responsible for making the company profitable.

One of the reasons this show is so popular is that viewers are always wondering if Lemonis will decide to invest in a particular business.

Another draw is the entertaining nature of the business people he meets, such as a 13-year-old CEO who runs her own cookie company.

Lemonis’ success in business comes from disputes he faces when becoming a CEO of a company and changing its business policies in ways that usually don’t make the original owners happy.

As a businessman, investor, and philanthropist, Marcus Lemonis is overly qualified to give small business owners advice and investments.

By the end of Season 3 of The Profit, he already invested $35 mln into small enterprises across the U.S.

Undercover Boss

High-level executives or business owners go undercover as new hires in their own companies on this show to see what it looks like to work for them.

Employees frequently have issues with things such as distribution, equipment, and pay– all of which are often revealed in episodes of the show.

Undercover Boss demonstrates that companies cannot neglect their employees and environment if they want to be successful.

Money should be reinvested in employee training, better equipment, and conditions.

Furthermore, regular communication with high standards is necessary, as well as exhibiting humility and good business practices.


The show Suits is set in a law firm located in New York City. The story follows a man who never went to law school but still gets a job as an associate at the firm.

Throughout the series, Harvey and Mike provide lessons on things such as confidence and how to make someone believe in you.

Suits is a popular TV show that depicts the struggles and successes of its characters in the workplace. The show is known for its quick-witted humor and relatable storylines.

The show champions the need for perseverance, ethics, and good communication. It’s a fantastic way to learn more about the art of negotiation and complex situations in companies.

Silicon Valley

The TV series Silicon Valley has been lauded for its thorough job of portraying the tech industry.

The show has gained a lot of popularity amongst tech entrepreneurs as it offers help and insight into the business world.

Although Silicon Valley is often known for its stereotypes, it actually provides tech entrepreneurs with a lot of helpful information about the industry.

For example, the significance of networking and creating relationships with potential investors is heavily emphasized on the show. Additionally, Silicon Valley also demonstrates how timing can play a big role in whether or not a new product or service succeeds.

By knowing such concepts already, entrepreneurs who relocate to Silicon Valley will increase their chances of success. The series can also be streamed on the platform HBO Max.

Billion Dollar Buyer

In this series, billionaire hospitality mogul Tilman Fertitta introduces small businesses from across the country.

In each episode, he spends time with 2 companies to learn more about their products and co-ownership compatibility.

In each episode of Billion Dollar Buyer, Tilman Fertitta – a multibillionaire – travels across America to visit small firms that developed new hospitality services or products.

He scrutinizes both the products and the business model underlying them, trying to ascertain if they can be produced en masse while still maintaining excellent standards of quality control.

If you own a business that manufactures products, then this resource by Fertitta will give tips on how to make your distribution process more efficient.


Based on the real legal conflict between Preet Bharara and Steve Cohen, this show is a successful Showtime drama that explores how wealth and morality can change people.

The show stars Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti.

The show is a reminder of how success can breed corruption and loss of ethics, but it also manages to be entertaining.

This show is full of fantastic information on leadership, like this spot-on explanation of why numerous businesses don’t make it beyond the funding stage.

The show touches on crucial topics like the importance of learning, being loyal, and why it’s essential to maintain your long-term plans.

The Apprentice

The Apprentice is a reality TV show in which aspiring businesspeople compete for the chance to earn a job with Donald Trump.

The show provides valuable insights into aspects of running a business, such as marketing, sales, and operations.

The Apprentice, much like Dragon’s Den, has been around for a while and is popular internationally.

It shot Donald Trump into the public eye in 2004 with his now-infamous phrase “you’re fired”.

However, there is more to The Apprentice than just that.

While the show has moved towards drama and entertainment value rather than business substance, there are still many insights to be gleaned from watching.

Dirty Money

If you’re looking for one of the top business shows on Netflix, look no further than Dirty Money.

This series illustrates financial corruption in a way that is both shocking and eye-opening.

As a businessman, it’s important to know when to take advantage of opportunities and when you’re crossing the line into exploitation.

The season two premiere of the documentary on March 11th Reveals how far some companies will go to make a profit, even if it means taking advantage of less fortunate people.

In our world, where profit overrides ethics in judicial systems and jail time and fines are just part of doing business, viewers will see HSBC laundering money for drug cartels, Volkswagen’s unabashed billion-dollar deceit, the siphoning of Malaysian sovereign funds that lined the pockets of the rich and famous in Hollywood, veteran sociopath Donald Trump’s victims used and discarded.§f

Small business revolution

Amanda Brinkman – marketing expert and celebrity entrepreneur–is joined by different business people such as Robert Heriavec, Ty Pennington, and more. They visit small towns across the U.S., observing how these businesses are battling and what changes need to happen in order for them to stay afloat.

Each season, one town is chosen to accept 500,000 dollars from America.

This show documents their journey towards saving these businesses and giving back to these communities.

Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

What began as a lucrative business opportunity rapidly became one of the most colossal business failures.

Fyre Festival was marketed as a luxurious, A-list music festival, but it quickly transformed into complete mayhem and Billy McFarland’s eventual jail sentence.

This documentary will not only teach you the significance of planning thoroughly, but it will also provide an inside look at influencer marketing and its paramount role in any successful venture.

Planet of the Apps

The Apple reality-TV show that mentors app developers through the creation, funding, and scaling process features successful entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and

On Planet of the Apps, software makers present their business ideas to the hosts in just 1 minute per episode.

If the bigwigs respond well to an entrepreneur’s idea, then they will be coached by the show in order to prepare for pitching VC investors.

This program not only provides captivating content, but it also demonstrates what lengths some people will go through for a chance at being recognized as one of the best – and that includes having more than just a great product!

Duck Dynasty

In this reality series, a Louisiana family who made millions from duck calls shows us how they maintain their close-knit relationship and modest lifestyle.

It’s a simple yet hilarious look at what goes on behind the scenes of this successful business.

Duck Dynasty teaches us that successful relationships are built on great connection and chemistry.

When you want to run a business and maintain relationships within the business (like a family business), you should get along in order for it to be successful. This show is highly recommended.


Dwayne Johnson’s presence in a business TV show is indicative of the awesomeness of the entire series!

The downfalls entrepreneurs experience is usually focused on in the sports world.

However, the message presented throughout is clear – regardless of what industry you’re pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams in, overcoming adversity will ultimately show everyone just how tough and resilient you truly are.

Also, it’s almost impossible to recognize The Rock in this role – he appears emotionally vulnerable and serious but remains motivated to keep things going; qualities any boss-to-be should aspire to have.

FAQ On Business TV Shows

Business TV shows mirror the high stakes and drama we associate with the corporate world. They’re like a chess match where each move – whether it’s on Shark Tank or Succession – can either build an empire or topple it.

We’re hooked on the raw ambition, the betrayals, the success stories unfolding right before our eyes. It’s addictive, really.

The thrill of the deal, the insider look at venture funding – we just can’t look away.

How accurate are business TV shows in depicting real business practices?

The truth? It’s a mixed bag. Shows like The Profit pack in genuine lessons on turnarounds and management. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley captures the chaos and culture of start-ups with a smirk.

But hey, let’s not forget the writer’s room spices things up for entertainment. Still, amidst the boardroom backstabbing and investor wooing, there’s solid gold insight on market analysis and leadership challenges.

What can entrepreneurs learn from business TV shows?

There’s a treasure trove for the taking if you know where to look. Shark Tank’s pitch sessions? Those are crash courses in selling your vision.

 The Apprentice? A playbook on what not to do, maybe. Point is, between those scripted lines are real management strategiesnetworking tactics, and failure-turned-success masterclasses.

Learning’s not all books and seminars; sometimes, it’s binge-watched.

Are there any business TV shows focused on women entrepreneurs?

Absolutely, and they’re brilliant. Girlboss took us through the rough and tumble of building a fashion empire. It didn’t sugarcoat it, either.

There’s something powerful in those stories of gritty entrepreneurship, showcasing women shattering the glass ceiling, making savvy investment decisions, and redefining leadership.

It’s an empowering watch, showing the climb from idea to brand building.

What role does reality TV play in the business genre?

Oh, it’s front and center, stirring the pot. Reality TV, like Undercover Boss, shatters the ivory tower, showing the human side of the CEO persona.

It’s where the rubber meets the road, with hands-on lessons in employee relations and customer service.

These aren’t just shows; they’re magnifying glasses aimed at the heartbeat of business – the people making it all happen.

Can business TV shows aid in learning about global economics?

Imagine getting your global economy update between character arcs. Take Billions – a primer on high-stakes finance with a side of geopolitics.

Whether it’s traders impacting worldwide markets or businesses adapting to cultural nuances, these storylines thread in serious global themes.

You’re not just entertained; you’re subtly schooled in the worldwide web of commerce.

For those knee-deep in the start-up trenches, Silicon Valley is your spirit animal in TV form. It ticks boxes for laughs and painfully accurate start-up life lessons.

For real-time, real-world guidance? Can’t beat The Profit or Dragon’s Den.

They dish out mentorship, business model rehab, and investor insight that’s as gold as it gets for any start-upper.

How do business TV shows impact public perception of the business world?

These shows do more than entertain; they shape perceptions. They craft narratives that make entrepreneurs the modern-day rock stars.

Suddenly, the boardroom’s as compelling as the battlefield, with market analysis shows and big-money moves catching the public eye.

It’s a spotlight on the hustle, framing business as a playground for the bold and the brainy.

What lessons on corporate governance can be learned from business TV shows?

Look no further than Succession for a ringside view of powerplays and corporate governance, warts and all.

Intrigue, decisions implications, family dynamics – it’s textbook stuff, sans the boredom. 

Billions plays this too, painting a picture of compliance, ethics, and the cutthroat dance between money and the law. It’s boardroom drama with a side of enlightenment.

Where can one stream business TV shows?

The digital age reigns, my friend. From Bloomberg Television to Netflix, the arsenal of streamable business-centric content is vast.

CNBC’s got the reality TV angle, while streaming giants bring Silicon Valley and The Social Network to your personal screens.

Edutainment at its finest, these platforms serve up on-demand business sagas that double as covert lectures. It’s bingeing with benefits.


So there we have it. Business TV shows aren’t just the standard-fare pastime; they’re a gateway to a world where financial advice programsinvestment shows, and those market analysis shows intersect with real life. They blur lines, crafting narratives where the stakes are high and the lessons plenty.

  • What better way to wind down than by watching tales of venture capitalstock market insights, and innovation?
  • Who knew that your next big strategic move could be inspired by a plot twist from Billions or a boardroom brawl in Succession?
  • Did we ever think we’d be discussing corporate governance or global economy impact over a coffee break, all because a TV show made it compelling?

These stories, they’re more than mere spectacle – they’re modern-day parables draped in drama and humor, ready to dish out a masterclass in business acumen. It’s entertainment with benefits; soak it up.

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