If you are a food fanatic, who wants to bring happiness to other people through different dishes, this may be your dream business. Of course, as in any business, having a name is everything. However, in the catering business, it can be difficult to come up with a name. Today we bring you some catering company names so that you can find that piece that you need to start.

Catering business name ideas have a large number of factors that must be taken into account. You must determine to whom you want to offer your services, what your services will be, and delivery times, among other things. All this is part of the marketing study that you will have to do to determine the ideal business name.

The name is not just the identification of your business. This will also make the first impression on clients and potential investors. With an easy-to-remember and catchy name, half of your advertising work is done. Your name should make it clear that they are experts who work in the company. And to achieve all this, here are some tips that will help you in the creative process.

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Need to know before naming your company

No idea is bad

The first step is to start jotting down all the ideas that come to mind. Look for different sources of inspiration in everyday places and situations. Write down all those that motivate you and make you smile. Remember that the catering service is yours, and therefore you should like the name you choose.

Some things that work as inspiration are family, friends, pets, colors, fruits, nature, and music, among others. The list of this type of business is very long. However, you should keep your search rank on names that sound good for food service.

If you don’t know how to do the latter, then look at the name of similar businesses. Other catering company names should give you an idea of ​​which words work or which don’t.

Simple is what triumphs

Always prefer a simple name over a complex one. It is a bad marketing strategy to use a difficult name that customers will not be able to say or remember. Simple doesn’t have to be boring. Clever combinations like “Your Platter Matters” are easily remembered, have a certain grace, and help sell your services.

In the same way, make sure the name is “clean”. That is, it does not have phrases or tongue twisters that make it difficult to read. Remember that regardless of the type of company you are founding, you always have to maintain a professional image.

Your catering company name must remain in people‘s minds

Big companies have something special in their names. No matter where you are in the world, there will always be people who identify with them. This is because people have heard about them at least a couple of times thanks to their star products or recommendations from friends. It is also because their business names are simple to remember and appear in users as soon as they need them.

Herein lies the importance of a name being simple. Catering business names are no exception. Every time a person needs a catering service, they should be able to think quickly about your company.

A stimulus for the senses

It is important to influence the senses of your customers. Especially when it comes to food, you want to make people want to try your services. Your catering company names have to evoke sensations of freshness, flavor, and, on some occasions, organic food. If you want to attack for the sweet, try adding the name of sweet foods, such as “caramel”. With healthy foods, for example, you can add names of fruits and vegetables.

Impact diners

The business name must be impressive. That when your clients or potential users read it, they quickly identify what the company is about. It is not only adding the name of food but also combining it with other words that help define its meaning.

Will you specialize in certain events?

The catering service is very extensive. There is a wide range of events to which you can offer your services. The conventional ones are weddings, social gatherings, religious and political events, among others.

You can choose to limit your services to a specific type of event so that you focus your efforts on perfecting what you offer. If this is the case, you must also specify in your business name the type of event you will dedicate to.

A little joke doesn’t hurt

Many business names use little jokes, coincidences, or puns that help break up that rigid business image. It is a perfectly valid technique to show that your business is run by people.

There are many examples to cite. One of them is the He-Van company, whose name is a parody of the hero He-Man.

It’s time to narrow down the list

In the first tip, we indicated that you should limit your search for words related to food. However, even then you may still have a long list to even consider candidates.

It is time to eliminate some options that do not work at all and leave exclusively those that can work. To do this, take a few days off from the project and then go back over the list with a clear mind. You may see a couple of options that previously seemed like a good idea, but they aren’t now. Remove them from the list.

To make this process somewhat easier, with the list somewhat reduced, start asking for the opinion of family and friends. Use those who have a strong critical opinion.

Add meaning to your business name

The catering business is full of stories and tales. Among the most interesting are the reasons for choosing the name of the company. Adding sentimental value through a story in your name is an effective way to make customers identify with the company. If you can make your clients wonder about the reason for your business name, you know you did a good job.

Use technology to your advantage

Nowadays, getting names related to your business is as easy as an internet search. There are specialized programs for generating names depending on the keyword you enter. Some are so good that you can use them as a definitive option. However, we recommend using this type of software as a guide, so that you add your personal touch to the results.

Try different keywords. Look for names for catering services specializing in weddings, social, and business events. Write down all the ones that stand out to you.

Before deciding on a definitive name, you must be sure that your catering business name ideas are not registered. That is, someone else may have previously thought of the name you like. If so, likely, it is legally registered and you cannot use it.

A quick internet search can clear up this question, but for added security, you may want to consult an attorney.

The latter is also valid to be sure if your name complies with government regulations. An idea may seem exceptional to you, but perhaps something is not legal. Have a handful of names that interest you ready and check their legality before using them.

Don’t be afraid of criticism

You are entering a business that depends a lot on the opinions of your customers. That is why you should not be afraid of criticism. Ask the opinion of those close to you on your naming options before making any decisions.

Although the final decision is yours, it is good that you listen to the opinion of other people. If they indicate that they are not sure if it is a good idea, then maybe you should look at other options.

Let no one take away your business name

Finally, if you are sure of the name you are going to use, you should register it as quickly as possible. You should not take long in this process or you could lose its availability.

Catering company names

Power CateringDay Dermot CateringThe Flying Pan
Firehouse Grill CateringA&A CateringPleasure Catering Service
First-Class Meals CompanyTop Notch Catering Inc.Big Party Platters
Mediterranean DelightsGourmet Raccoon CompanyEpicures Private Chef Service
Fruity Cravings CateringThe Room on MainThe Magnificent Munch Catering Service
Classics CateringAble CateringYour Local Caterer
Gold Star CateringKid-Friendly CateringThe Tasteful Catering Service
Vineyard Catering and BarbecueMoghul CateringSweet Potato Pie Catering Service
Fabulous CaterersAtolito Mexican CateringFrom the South Catering Service
Have It CateredHeart & Soul Personal Chef ServiceThe Soulful Catering
Royal CateringCatering UnitsPeach Cobbler Catering
On a RollOur Kitchen To YoursMore Than Just Chicken Catering
Zingy CateringBeyond CateringThe Great Southern Catering
Foodie on WheelsSuccess Catering CompanySouthern Style Caterer
The Fine DineThe Pantry CateringThe Southern Hemisphere
Happy ChewBite Me BBQ CateringThe Southern Way
A+ Catering and PartiesGood Stuff here CateringSouthern Food Fusion
Accent EventsChic Chef CateringSouthern Customary Food
Bits and Pieces, Inc.Whitehouse CateringTraditionally South Catering
Brown Bear CateringSnack Attack CateringCaterers with Southern Origins
Slingin BBQCanteen CateringFlavors of the Soul
Apple CateringPure Kitchen CateringFried Fish Catering
Fried Pickle CateringServe StarFood for the Soul
A Meal To RememberFeasts n FunctionsGreen Heart Foods
Cater To YouYour Taste BudsMeats and Greens
Great GatheringsEvent EatsReal Cajun Catering Service
One In A Melon CateringFantastic FeastsThe Southern Caterers
Home Style DelightsDine DelightsChicken and Waffle Catering
Field of GreensNext CourseCatering Down South
Catering KingCatered ToThe Complete Southern Meal
Crystal Creek CateringHot Plate CateringSouthern Cuisine Must Haves
Pitstop PizzeriaBread & ButterCajun Style Catering
Coffee Bean CateringHand & FootEating Down South Catering
Finger Licking GoodWonder WaiterThe Soul Chef Cooking
Alfresco CuisineParty Pros(Your Name’s) Southern Kitchen
Bite MeChef’s ChoiceStrictly Cajun Catering Co.
Eat This! CateringEat, Drink & Be MerryMom’s Best Catering Inc.
Feed for Sure LLCRed Table CateringTruly Southern Style Catering
1st Meal, Inc.A Food CompanyThe Soulful Caterer
Calling All CatersHungry for More Catering ServicesSouthern Authentic Food
Big Mama’s CateringThe Eating EssentialsCajun Chronicles Catering Co.
Dare to TasteField Day Feats & GatheringFood For Thought Catering
The Devoted Catering ServiceDnata Catering UKHandheld Catering and Events
Cuisine for OccasionsElite CateringBig Night Catering
Elite Event Staffing and CateringCorporate CaterersUpstream Brewing Company
Food in MotionSandwich and Co. CaterersRosemary’s Catering
Bon Appetit BasicsHungry CateringEncore Caterers
First Class Meals CompanyMade From ScratchBrown Brothers Catering
Vineyard Catering ServicesRural Retreats HolidaysPickups plus Catering
Finer Diners Catering ServiceThe Big Fresh Catering CompanySplit Pea Seduction
That’s a Toast!Simply CateringCatering Equipment Hire
Masters of the Catering UniverseTiny PleasuresTaj Cuisine Of India
The Catering GuruRocket FoodSun + Moon Catering
Metro Catering and EventsFresh Food GenerationEvents Catering Company
Best Eats CateringSpice Catering GroupTiny Surprises caters
Tiny Surprises CaterersJasper’s Catering CroydonBig Sky Mobile Catering Corporation
Happy Helpers CaterersOlive Tree CateringArtizian Catering Services
Season to Taste CateringYork Catering SuppliesKUDOS Catering UK Limited
Delectables Restaurant & CateringPearl CateringFront Range Barbeque
Happy Fingers Catering ServiceTaste It CateringScrumptious Catering Services
The Flavors of AmericaYummy CateringKiss the Chef
‘Murica Catering ServiceHot Stuff CateringThe Savory Grain
Food Mongers Inc.For Serving You CateringJava Cafe Catering Company
Liberty Catering ServiceDeluxe caterersNext day Catering Equipment
Epic Catering Co.The Food StationSix O Catering
Tasteful Affairs CateringJackson’s CateringNorfolk Catering
Spin Events and CateringThe Business-Minded ChefChef Henry Catering
Kitchen Art Catering CompanyFor Business and PleasureSimple comfort catering
The Bellhop CateringFood For CorporateCayenne Catering
Classic Fare CateringThe Corporate CooksBitty Bit of Everything Catering Inc.
All-Star Catering ServicesThe Business Casual Catering ServiceGoddard Catering Group
Open Bar HospitalityMay Meet CateringFresh Fanatics
Personal Touch ExperienceThe Industry CateringBooker Wholesale
Devour – The Catering CompanyTrader Tree FoodsPrestige Caterers
On The Menu Catering ServicesThe Corporate FeastSimply From Scratch
Zee Cooks Catering ServiceBliss Catering Co.Happy Fingers
Golden Sands Catering ServiceCelebration Time CateringIn The Frame Catering
Food To You Catering ServiceLunchtime Catering Co.Apple Spice Box Catering
The Lazy GourmetHangry No More Catering ServiceKorean Grilled Catering
Hungry For Food CateringThe Prestigious CaterersTaste Of Pace Catering
Best Choice CaterersThe Chef’s FareSimple Fare
Mad About Food CateringTop Choice CatersLegends Catering

Buying a domain for your new company name

Ok, so you decided on a company name.

That’s great! What now?

Now you need a website and the first step of creating a website is getting a domain for that company name.

Here are the most affordable registrar options where you can buy a domain from:

Domain.com.com starting from $9.99Get your domain
Namecheap.com starting from $5.98Get your domain
Hostinger.com starting from $9.99Get your domain

Got that domain?

Good. Let’s move to the next step.

Getting the best hosting for you

There are lots of hosting options. Some are cheaper, and some are premium. And some in between.

If you want a small site where you will get a handful of visitors, get a more affordable option. However, if you aim for a high-traffic site, go for a premium option.

I’m using a premium option from Cloudways for my sites and I have zero problems with my hosting provider. Unlike when I had an account with Godaddy and I was constantly on chat with the support team.

Affordable hosting options

BluehostStarting from $2.95/moGet hosting
Liquid WebStarting from $9.5/moGet hosting
HostingerStarting from $2.59/moGet hosting
InMotion HostingStarting from $2.49/moGet hosting
KnownHostStarting from $3.47/moGet hosting

Premium hosting options

CloudwaysStarting from $12/moGet hosting
KinstaStarting from $30/moGet hosting
WPEngineStarting from $25/moGet hosting

Now that you have a domain name and hosting, it’s time to move on to the next step of the process: you need a website builder to create your website.

However, unless you want to let a few thousand dollars out of your account for a website design created by a web designer, you can do it yourself with a website builder.

Picking a website builder to use for your website

Ok. We got to this point.

Website builders are not all the same. There are actually quite a few differences between them. While I like to create websites on WordPress with themes from Themeforest and maybe with Slider Revolution, my father-in-law, for example, doesn’t know any code.

For my father-in-law and a lot of other people without code and design knowledge, a website builder is a game-changer.

Here are the best website builders that you can work with:

SquarespaceHands down, the best one for a business websiteStart a free trial
WebflowThe modern way to build for the webStart a free trial

And in case you want to build an online shop, here are the best in the game:

ShopifyTrusted by over 1,700,000 businesses worldwideStart a free trial
BigCommercePowerful, built-in tools for a better online businessStart a free trial
VolusioneCommerce for everyoneStart a free trial
JimdoUnburden your businessStart a free trial


You now have a website that you can promote to get more clients.

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