In the heart of the Midwest, a surge of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit is rewriting the narrative. Welcome to Cincinnati, where a tapestry woven with innovation hubs and venture capital is transforming the landscape.

This isn’t just another city on the rise; it’s a fertile ground where startups are not only blooming but thriving.

You’re likely wondering what’s in the water here in Queen City. That’s precisely what we’ll dive into. Our focus? The Cincinnati startups scene – unearthing how the area is cultivating success against the backdrop of historic architecture and chili-dotted streets.

Whether you’re an investor on the hunt or an entrepreneur with a dream, getting the inside scoop can fuel your endeavors.

By the time you reach the end, you’ll be equipped with actionable insights about Cincy’s business ecosystem—from funding for startups to networking nirvanas.

We’ll explore entities like Cintrifuse and The Brandery that are pivotal to acceleration and growth.

This conversation is your gateway to understanding why Cincinnati’s startup narrative isn’t just compelling—it’s worthy of your stake in its chapters.

Cincinnati startups

StartupIndustryNotable Product/Service
GearsupplyLive Event Equipment MarketplaceGear Marketplace Platform
Enable InjectionsBiotechnology/Medical DevicesOn-body Injector
Agar CorporationOil & Gas Monitoring EquipmentOil-water Meters
AstronomerData EngineeringData Orchestration Platform
GenetesisHealthcare/BiotechCardioFlux Magnetocardiograph
Coterie InsuranceInsurance TechnologySmall Business Insurance
MantiumAI/SoftwareAI-based Software
CinCor PharmaPharmaceuticalsHypertension Drug Development
PacasoReal Estate TechnologyReal Estate Co-ownership
Rhinegeist BreweryBeverageCraft Beer
Luma Financial TechnologiesFinancial ServicesPayment and Rewards Platform
VairtReal Estate/FinTechReal Estate Investment Platform
CloverleafHR TechTeam Development Software
HerMDHealthcare/Women’s HealthWomen’s Health Services
PhysnaSoftware/3D Modeling3D Search Engine
ElectradaEnergy/InfrastructureEV Charging Solutions
StreamSpotLive Streaming ServicesLive Streaming Platform


Gearsupply makes it more simpler and safer to buy and sell used concert equipment. Most significantly, however, they are fostering a neighbourhood around a dispersed concert production sector. Gearsupply concentrates on customer service, secure payment methods, and dependable shipping partners while charging the lowest fees in the sector. Gearsupply is excited to develop over the next three years as an early-stage startup with “basically no ceilings” by adding new team members, investing in technology, and increasing prospects for the business and its employees.

Enable Injections

A medical device firm called Enable Injections specialises in the development, production, and marketing of wearable injectable medicine delivery systems. The wearable can administer medications straight from conventional vials and, as part of the injection process, reconstitute powdered medications into liquids. The Enabling Smart enFuse can inject up to 20 ml of viscous liquid and features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the user to monitor needle depth and infusion progress among other things.

Agar Corporation

The non-nuclear, adaptable, multi-phase flow metres invented by Agar Corporation are a market leader and are used to enhance oil well productivity and testing. For applications including heavy oil well testing, waste water treatment, automatic tank dewatering, desalters, and gas liquid foam management, Agar offers cutting-edge solutions. AGAR, which was founded in 2008, is a well-established business that values hiring University of Cincinnati alums; 23.7% of its staff are alumni. AGAR is a tiny media organisation with 200 employees and $21.0M in revenue that is situated in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Apache Airflow, the de facto standard for representing data flows as code, was created with the help of Astronomer. Each month, more than 4 million people download Airflow, which is used by hundreds of thousands of teams all over the world. Astronomer offers Astro, the cutting-edge data orchestration platform powered by Airflow, for data teams aiming to boost the accessibility of reliable data. Data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts may create, execute, and monitor pipelines-as-code with Astro. Astronomer, a global remote-first business with centres in Cincinnati, New York, San Francisco, and San Jose, was founded in 2018.


The CardioFlux Magnetocardiograph, their flagship device, is poised to be the most affordable response to the global dilemma of chest pain triage in the observation unit/emergency department. The technology is an imaging platform built on the idea of magnetocardiography (MCG), which has been studied for 45 years and allows for the passive measurement of the weak magnetic fields produced by the heart without the need of radiation or stress. They have created an intuitive backend for both the ER doctor and the cardiologist who would typically analyse stress test findings when thinking about percutaneous coronary intervention using their unique data science and visualisation techniques.

Coterie Insurance

The insurtech company Coterie Insurance makes it simple and affordable for anyone to purchase commercial insurance. It offers simple coverage, precise pricing, and a streamlined experience for any firm using an API-based methodology. You can obtain immediate coverage quotations and complete the underwriting procedure online as a business owner. With the click of a mouse, you may instantly obtain the coverage your company need. Because the platform allows them to digitise their business processes, agents and brokers can better serve independent contractors, small businesses in Cincinnati, and the gig economy.


 Mantium is a cloud platform for working with big language models and maintaining them at scale. It was founded in 2021 but is now entirely remote. It gives businesses the resources they need to quickly create and oversee large-scale, sophisticated, ethical AI applications. Teams may test, deploy, and monitor their AI systems using the low-code Mantium platform as an end-to-end solution. With Mantium, users can instantly share their prototypes with team members to get the input they need to improve their models. To enhance performance and get ready for a successful rollout, they can go over the logs and adjust the models.

CinCor Pharma

The goal of CinCor Pharma is to create the next wave of therapies for cardiovascular illnesses. It is now focused on creating baxdrostrat, a treatment for hypertension and other cardio-renal disorders, as a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical firm. As of September 30, 2022, CinCor reported having $522.5 million in cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities. The net proceeds from the company’s initial public offering ($193.M), the follow-up selling of common stock and pre-funded warrants ($242.9M), and operating cash outflows ($52.4M) all contributed to the increase.


The online marketplace Pacaso allows users to buy or sell co-ownership properties. Users can browse and make reservations for single-family homes, hotels, condominiums, the development of property LLCs for homes, home furnishing management, repairs management, utility management, and property management. They have apps for iOS and Android devices.

Rhinegeist Brewery

Craft breweries and cideries can be found at Rhinegeist Brewery. In 2013, it was founded. Its name, which translates as “Ghost of the Rhine,” alludes to its location in Cincinnati, Ohio’s famed Over-the-Rhine Brewery District. Rhinegeist strives to produce beers that sing with taste and is housed inside the remains of a former brewery constructed before Prohibition. The Rhinegeist team is convinced that beer has the ability to unite brilliant people, spark amazing ideas, and create communities that love both craft beer and one another.

Luma Financial Technologies

The industry-leading, independent, multi-issuer platform for structured products and annuities is offered by Luma Financial Technologies. Since almost ten years ago, broker dealers and their advisers have been using the award-winning platform Luma to more effectively find, design, compare, and price structured products and annuities that suit their clients’ individual investment needs. The market for structured products and annuities is being driven forward by Luma’s advisor-centric design, renowned education and training capabilities, fully configurable deployment, and full product lifecycle support.


You can easily find high-returning properties on the Vairt marketplace; you don’t have to buy the entire property; you can invest in those properties by purchasing a small number of shares. Your shares will be liquid in your Vairt wallet, allowing you to simply sell them whenever you choose and get your money back. That’s really easy! You can invest in real estate easily thanks to Vairt in this way.


In order to aid organisations in team development, Cloverleaf automates duties related to individual and group coaching. By examining each employee’s personality and skills, they are able to get the most out of them and help them become better team members. The purpose of Cloverleaf is to equip business executives, team leaders, trainers, and consultants to recognise the individual value of every employee. The dashboard offers the information needed to increase the efficiency of conflict resolution and communication. The features of the service will also vary depending on the package you select. With team plans, you have access to 16 different types of personnel assessments, position recommendations, and connection mapping.


For women seeking the healthcare they deserve, HerMD is changing the rules of the game. HerMD specialists take the time to listen so that professionals and patients, together, can go through the best evidence-based solutions for patient health concerns. HerMD professionals offer in-person and virtual care for sexual health, menopause, gynaecology, medical aesthetics, and more. HerMD announced in March that it had raised $10 million to expand its female-focused healthcare model across the country. HerMD will be able to grow its telehealth network and add additional physical facilities in numerous states thanks to the money.


IP security software for 3D printers is offered by Physna LLC. Physical and DNA are referred to as Physna. According to their claims, every physical object has characteristic features similar to DNA in humans, and their software can recognise these properties in physical objects, establishing distinct database entries for each 3D product. The software stops the printing of prohibited items. It keeps rigorous quality control and can identify malfunctioning equipment.


With performance-contracted, carbon-free electrification-as-a-service to corporate, governmental, and institutional fleet customers across North America, Electrada is an up-and-coming leader in the transportation electrification industry. The fleet owner avoids the risks of electrification while reaping predictable savings and sustainability results for its stakeholders with Electrada’s unique, turnkey model that combines site energy engineering, supply optimization, and fleet analytics. The ecosystem of solutions offered by Electrada includes reputable partners in energy, microgrid, charging technologies, and fleet management who are committed to reducing transportation’s carbon footprint based on return on investment.


A multi-platform automated live and on-demand streaming platform is called StreamSpot. With the StreamSpot platform, broadcasters can use a variety of well-known encoders and apps, or, for the utmost in simplicity, they can use the StreamSpot ONE hardware device by StreamSpot, which makes use of the StreamSpot Sync® automation software and frees them from having to worry about setting up, starting, or stopping their broadcasts.

FAQ On Cincinnati Startups

What’s Fueling the Startup Scene in Cincinnati?

So, what’s the lowdown on why Cincinnati’s become a hotbed for startups? Look, it’s a mix. A solid foundation laid by entities like Cintrifuse, along with cash flowing from angel investors and funds, supports fresh ideas.

Plus, there’s this unstoppable community spirit—everyone’s all in on each other’s success.

How Does the Cost of Doing Business in Cincinnati Compare to Other Cities?

Here’s the inside scoop: Cincinnati boasts an affordable cost of living that extends to business expenses too. The real charm? Lower costs don’t mean fewer opportunities.

In fact, the savings here can give bootstrapping startups a longer runway. You get that Midwest value with high-quality resources. A win-win, yeah?

What Networking Opportunities are Available to Startups in Cincinnati?

It’s all about who you know, right? Cincinnati’s buzzing with events like StartupCincy Week where you can rub elbows with top talent and investors.

Plus, accelerator programs such as The Brandery provide that critical mentorship and industry connections. Whether it’s casual meetups or structured programs, Cincy’s got your back.

What Types of Funding are Available for Startups in Cincinnati?

Funding—every startup’s quest. Cincinnati doesn’t disappoint. We’re talking angel funds, like Queen City Angels, and venture capital, with firms like CincyTech leading the charge.

Then there are government incentives and even university-backed funds. It’s about finding the fit that matches your growth stage and vision.

Are There Sector-Specific Advantages for Startups in Cincinnati?

Absolutely. If your gig’s in tech or consumer goods, for example, you’re tapping into a legacy market with deep expertise.

What’s more, the health tech sector’s on a meteoric rise here. Beyond that, diverse markets flourish, aided by the city’s support structures framing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What Are the Biggest Challenges Facing Cincinnati Startups?

No sugarcoating it—visibility can be a hurdle. The big leagues (looking at you, Silicon Valley) tend to overshadow markets like ours.

And finding the right people? Talent acquisition’s always a game of cat and mouse. Yet, Cincinnati’s intimate size actually fosters a sense of community that helps startups navigate these rough seas.

How Have Cincinnati Startups Impacted the Local Economy?

Startups aren’t just good news for the founders; they’re dynamite for the economy. Each successful launch spreads ripples—more jobs, more innovation, more reasons for talent to hunker down in Cincy.

It’s a feedback loop of growth, and the data’s clear: startups are boosting our city’s economic profile.

What Role Do Universities Play in Supporting Cincinnati Startups?

Universities here are like the silent ninjas fueling innovation. They’re not just churning out graduates; they’re active participants, offering programs like UC’s Innovation Quest.

They’ve become launchpads for student-led ventures and they facilitate critical networking—you know, connecting brainy academics with street-smart entrepreneurs.

How Do Cincinnati Startups Connect with Global Markets?

Right, the world stage is big, but Cincinnati startups pack a punch. The city’s strategic location and international partnerships—think sister cities and trade programs—pave the way.

Startups here are leveraging local resources to crack wide open export opportunities and frame global business development strategies that really stick.

What Does the Future Look Like for Cincinnati Startups?

The horizon’s bright, my friend. With steady growth in support structures, a keen focus on forward-facing industries, and this unstoppable churn of innovative thought, Cincinnati’s set to hold its own.

Plus, there’s a palpable vibe—they’re not just building businesses; they’re building a future. And you can feel it.


We’ve journeyed through the vibrant streets of Cincinnati’s startup scene, and let’s just say, the buzz is far from hype. It’s real. Cincinnati startups are crafting a narrative that’s as bold and spirited as the city itself. They’re not just making a mark; they’re drilling deep wells of innovation that promise to keep the city’s economy quenched for decades.

  • The angel investors and venture capitalists—they’re all in.
  • The incubators and accelerators like Ocean and Uptech—nurturing next-gen giants.
  • The community—tight-knit, yet expansively welcoming.

In every corner, you’ll find someone plotting the next breakthrough or scribbling a game plan on a napkin over Skyline Chili. So here’s the takeaway: Whether you’re a would-be entrepreneur with a fire in your belly or an investor with a keen eye for diamonds in the rough, Cincinnati’s dynamic startup ecosystem merits a place on your radar. Keep watching this space—Cincinnati’s just getting started.

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