Beneath the sweeping silhouette of the Rocky Mountains, a vibrant hub pulses with ingenuity—welcome to the dynamic world of Denver startups.

Here, determination meets opportunity, and the entrepreneurial spirit soars as high as the surrounding peaks.

Navigating this landscape, one can’t help but be captivated by the blend of innovative tech companies and intrepid Colorado entrepreneurs shaping the future.

Now, let’s dive deeper. Whether you’re an investor scouting the next breakthrough or a founder cultivating a fresh venture in the Mile High City, understanding the intricacies of Denver’s startup ecosystem is crucial.

This article is your foothold to gain insider insights; from the heartbeat of Denver’s business incubators to the networking goldmines that foster connections across the state.

By the time you reach our final words, you will know precisely how Denver’s innovation, backed by a supportive community and rich in resources like The Commons on Champa, is changing the game.

Get ready to explore the foreword of your business adventure—right in Denver’s booming startup landscape.

Denver Startups

CompanyIndustryPrimary Service/ProductNotable AchievementsAdditional Information
DataikuData Science & AIData science platformCollaborative data science workspaceHelps businesses leverage data through unified data operations
Stack InfrastructureData Center ServicesData center solutionsExpansive data center footprintProvides scalable and sustainable data center capacity
DispatchHealthHealthcareMobile medical careIn-home medical visitsOffers a range of urgent care, primary, and advanced care services
OutriderAutomation and LogisticsAutonomous yard operationsElectric autonomous vehicle technologyPioneering autonomous vehicles in distribution yard environments
Mentor SpacesSocial Networking & MentoringCareer mentorship platformMentoring for underrepresented professionalsFocused on career development and community building
AgentSyncInsurance TechnologyCompliance management toolsStreamlining agent onboarding and monitoringTech solutions for managing insurance producer compliance
StordSupply Chain & LogisticsCloud supply chain servicesEnd-to-end logistics and warehouse servicesOffers a nationwide warehousing and distribution network
Velocity GlobalWorkforce ManagementEmployee management servicesGlobal employment platformHelps businesses employ and manage remote teams internationally
Strive HealthHealthcareKidney care servicesPartnerships with healthcare systemsFocused on improving care and outcomes for kidney disease patients
InscriptaBiotechnologyGenome engineeringCreator of the Onyx platformFacilitates rapid and precise genome writing and editing
Pie InsuranceInsuranceWorkers’ compensation insuranceCustomized insurance solutionsServes small businesses with a focus on simplicity and affordability
HavenlyInterior DesignOnline interior design servicesPersonalized design servicesBridging the gap between interior designers and consumers
GrowGenerationHydroponicsRetail hydroponic suppliesExpansion into various US marketsProvides equipment for hydroponic and organic gardening
Housecall ProSoftware Service for Home ServicesBusiness management softwareField service management platformFacilitating scheduling, dispatching, and payment processing


The platform for Everyday AI, Dataiku, systemsatizes the utilisation of data for outstanding business outcomes. Dataiku frees up each employee’s creativity to fuel group success at businesses of all sizes and in all sectors by making the use of data and AI commonplace. We have set out to construct the future of AI with the support of a reputable group of investors and partners, including CapitalG, Tiger Global, and Serena.

Stack Infrastructure

Individual needs are taken into account when building digital infrastructures by Stack Infrastructure. The structures are designed precisely to meet the needs of the clients and are quick, scalable, and reliable.

Almost limitless acreage, a highly skilled development crew, and ample power capacity all help firms overcome some of their current problems. Their commitment to constructing high-quality hyperscale data centres, powered shells, and commissioned capacity is just as vital as their commitment to sustainability.


A company that offers on-demand doctor visits at home is called DispatchHealth. Users have access to the platform where they can ask doctors to visit them based on their symptoms and problems. It provides delivery of prescriptions with insurance claims.

The website provides therapies for a variety of illnesses: “We offer top-rated medical support to patients no matter where they are in their healthcare journey, with services ranging from same-day, high-acuity care to a 30-day substitute for a hospital stay, all delivered straight to the patient’s door.”


Outrider, a pioneer in autonomous yard operations for logistics hubs, aids big businesses in enhancing security and boosting productivity. Outrider’s goal is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable freight transportation by deploying zero-emission technology. It is the only firm that is solely focused on automating all yard activities.

Mentor Spaces

Colorado startup Mentor Spaces was established in 2020 and is now headquartered in Denver. The business provides a platform for community-driven mentoring that is especially created to support the careers of black and latinx professionals so they can advance up the career ladder with the help of those who have previously done so.

The company has received startup investment seven times since its founding, with the most recent round taking place in July 2021. A total of fourteen investors that support the brand’s approach have contributed to these investment rounds.


AgentSync creates contemporary insurance infrastructure that links producers, MGAs, agencies, and carriers. AgentSync’s solutions develop onboarding, licencing, and appointment processes insurers and producers love while ensuring growth and compliance never compete.

They do this with customer-centric design, seamless APIs, automation, and unmatched support. Niranjan “Niji” Sabharwal and Jenn Knight founded AgentSync in 2018, and it is based in Denver, Colorado. AgentSync has won awards for being one of Denver’s Best Places to Work, a Forbes Magazine Cloud 100 Rising Star, a winner of the Insurtech Insights Future 50, and it is currently ranked 88 in Forbes’ list of the 500 Best Startup Employers in America for 2022.


Stord, which was established in 2015 and has its headquarters in the centre of Atlanta’s thriving tech scene, is a leader in cloud supply chain. Cloud supply chain is the fusion of logistics’ physical and digital components. With the speed, flexibility, and simplicity of contemporary cloud software, businesses can use Stord to establish, expand, and improve their physical supply chain operations across freight, warehousing, and fulfilment.

Businesses may access hundreds of top-tier partner warehouses, fulfilment centres, and carriers as well as Stord’s hybrid network of operated facilities with just one integration, giving them end-to-end visibility into their entire supply chains from a single dashboard.

Velocity Global

The future of work is accelerated by Velocity Global for everyone, wherever, and in any way. Our Global Work PlatformTM, supported by individualised knowledge and unmatched global scale, streamlines the employer and talent experience with its patented cloud-based talent management system.

The platform gives businesses access to a comprehensive set of talent management options, including worldwide Employer of Record and Contractor Management, to enable them hire, manage, and pay employees across more than 185 nations and all 50 U.S. states. The company, which was founded in 2014, currently employs hundreds of people on six continents and expects its workforce to treble by 2022.

Strive Health

By providing care delivery models that enhance patient health and lower healthcare costs, Strive Health is assisting patients with chronic renal disease. In order to enhance outcomes, prioritise patient care, and reduce the cost of end-stage renal disease and chronic kidney disease care, the company collaborates with both payors and providers. We’re revolutionising kidney care at Strive.

The people (Strivers), not just the purpose, vision, and values-based culture, are what drive that transformation. Workers are fostering an amazing workplace while providing compassionate renal care.


The company Inscripta creates technology for gene editing in research. The business is working on a family of CRISPR enzymes known as MADzymes, custom nucleases for academics and business partners, and a full set of gene editing tools (software, equipment, and reagents) to improve the effectiveness and speed of precision gene editing.

Pie Insurance

When Pie Insurance made the decision to enter the market and offer a solution to the uncertainty many consumers experience when choosing insurance coverage, the insurance industry was long overdue for an upgrade.

Pie develops an automated approach that determines the worker’s insurance premiums that small firms should be paying, which is frequently substantially less than what they are already doing. Small enterprises that might have trouble locating convenient coverage elsewhere might take advantage of the company’s plans.

Since its founding in 2017, the business has secured $61 million from backers including Aspect Ventures, Greycroft, and others.


Havenly is a Colorado-based startup that was established in 2014 and is presently situated in Denver. The business enables homeowners to communicate with interior designers online, giving them a preview of the possible styles for their home, depending on their preferences and needs.

Additionally, this allows for maximum use and caters to clients with a wide range of budgets. The firm has received startup investment eight times since it was started, with the most recent round taking place in December 2021.


Hydroponic and organic gardening specialised retail businesses are owned and run by GrowGeneration Corp. (“GrowGen”). GrowGen now offers 19 retail and distribution facilities spread throughout 6 states: California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Washington. GrowGen offers and sells numerous of products, including modern hydroponic equipment, organic nutrients and soils, and cutting-edge lighting technologies.

Their on-site Grow Professionals have received extensive training in both customer service and product expertise. GrowGeneration is your partner for all of your grow supply needs, from seedling to harvest.

Housecall Pro

Since our company, Housecall Pro, was established in 2013, we have been assisting home service providers in their success. Their mission is to provide Pros with outstanding technology that makes their work easier, more intelligent, and more successful.

However, they are aware that it is much simpler to run a business when you have a supportive community behind you. Its tools are designed to assist Pros handle every area of their business, from scheduling to dispatching to payments.

For this reason, they established a strong network of home service professionals that had a single goal and were always willing to help. Over 25,000 field service companies, including those in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, and other industries, use Housecall Pro.

FAQ On Denver Startups

What’s fueling the growth of Denver startups?

The secret’s out—Denver’s startup scene is thriving thanks to a cocktail of factors. We’re talking a booming local economy, a deep pool of tech talents from places like the University of Colorado, and strong support from both the public and private sectors including heavy hitters like the Denver Office of Economic Development.

Plus, there’s a genuine collaborative spirit here that just can’t be beat.

Are there specific industries where Denver startups excel?

Absolutely, there’s a hotbed of activity in tech, especially with healthtech, fintech, and SaaS products leading the charge.

But it’s not just tech; we’re seeing a surge in clean energy and cannabis-related ventures, too. This diversity is a testament to our innovative culture and the drive to explore new frontiers in business.

Can you find angel investors and VCs in Denver?

You bet. With entities such as the Rockies Venture Club and a growing list of angel investors, funding’s circulating, alright.

Networking events and pitch competions are plentiful, presenting golden opportunities to connect with those holding the purse strings who are eager to invest in promising enterprises within the energetic milieu of the Mile High City.

What kind of support do Denver startups have access to?

Support? More like a smorgasbord of resources! There’s The Commons on Champa, countless accelerator programs, and collaborative workspaces like Industry Workspaces.

Not to mention, annual events like Denver Startup Week are incubators for ideas and partnerships. It’s a network that’s nurturing and, quite frankly, just an entrepreneur’s dream scene.

How does Denver’s startup environment compare to Silicon Valley?

Let’s be real—Silicon Valley’s in a league of its own. But Denver? It’s a rising star. A bit more laid-back, yet buzzing with an unstoppable energy. Less cutthroat but just as ambitious.

Plus, it’s more affordable, and the lifestyle—trail runs or skiing after a day’s hustle—is a huge draw.

What are the biggest challenges startups face in Denver?

While the potential is huge, challenges like rising operational costs and fierce competition for talent are real. And let’s not forget navigating the quirks of local regulations.

It all comes with the territory of a booming startup hotspot, but the savvy survive and thrive thanks to the city’s strong support structures.

Is there a strong sense of community among Denver startups?

Strong? Try rock-solid. Entrepreneurs here are all about collaboration over competition. Events like those hosted by the Colorado Technology Association are where connections happen.

It’s a tight-knit community where sharing knowledge, resources, and, yes, even the occasional beer, is all part of the Denver way.

How do startups impact the local economy in Denver?

Startups here are major players in the economic landscape, injecting innovation, creating job opportunities, and attracting investments.

They’re a catalyst for development, contributing to Denver’s reputation as a place where the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t just alive—it’s kicking and driving growth across the board.

What’s the role of mentorship in Denver’s startup scene?

Mentorship? It’s the backbone of the ecosystem. Here, experienced leaders take rookies under their wing, sharing insights that only come from being in the trenches.

Programs by organizations like Techstars Boulder exemplify this pass-it-forward mentality that’s a hallmark of the local culture.

How do regulatory policies in Denver affect startups?

Truth be told, navigating the legal landscape can be tricky. There are regulations specific to certain industries, especially true for tech and cannabis startups.

The key is staying informed and compliant—things the local chambers and business networks can assist with to ensure Denver’s entrepreneurs keep on the up and up.


Wrapping things up, it’s unmistakable: Denver startups are not just riding the wave; they’re making it. Right here, where innovation meets opportunity, we’ve uncovered the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives amidst the Rocky Mountains. We’ve seen how entities like The Commons on Champa and Techstars Boulder fuel ambition while mentoring shapes leaders and paves ways for growth and success.

  • Our journey through Denver’s business incubators,
  • Those chasing venture capital in Colorado,
  • The spirited networking events seizing every collaborative chance,

All play a pivotal role in painting a picture of a city that’s more than just a launchpad—it’s a thriving startup ecosystem.

So, whether you’re a local dreaming big, or an out-of-stater keen on the Denver scene, remember: the key ingredients are here. Communityresources, and that Mile High ambition. The future is unfolding, and you could say it looks a mile high.

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