Imagine this: you’re sailing the vast digital ocean, where Notion has been your trusty vessel, keeping your business affairs shipshape. But a shift in the winds calls for a change in your productivity fleet, and you ponder steering away from Notion’s familiar decks.

You’re not alone; navigating the “how to delete Notion account” query can feel like plotting a course through uncharted waters.

Here’s your compass. In the unfurling seas of data privacy and clipped subscription plans, understanding the art of gracefully bowing out from a service is the captaincy skill of the modern entrepreneur.

By journey’s end, you’ll be equipped with a detailed map – from canceling your subscription to handling data erasure requests in compliance with the GDPR.

We’ll explore the steps for Notion account deactivation and how to ensure all your precious cargo – your personal information – leaves the ship with you.

This article isn’t just a lifeline; it’s your ticket to mastering the rudder of your digital presence.

Step-by-step guide on how to delete your account

There are many reasons to delete a Notion account, be that the price of the paid plans or the inability to stay organized. Once you’ve made your decision, it is time to learn how to safely remove your account and protect your data.

To deactivate a Notion account, go to the Notion website or their desktop app and search for the workspace name. The interface is identical, so it doesn’t matter where you choose to delete your account. Our step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to do this risk-free:

  • Go on the Notion website or launch their desktop app
  • Log into your account. In case you don’t remember the password, use the option to reset it and start the process again
  • Click on the left sidebar and select “Settings & Members.”
  • Find the “My Account” tab.
  • Listed almost on the bottom of the sidebar, you will find the section named Danger Zone
  • Click on “Delete My Account”.
  • Next, a pop-up window will open for you to select the workspace you want to delete. Note that you will once again be asked to confirm your email address to continue with the process.
  • Insert the required information, select the workspaces, and confirm with ‘Permanently delete’. 
  • For security reasons, the system will once again ask you whether you want to confirm the deletion. Confirm with Yes, and the Notion account will be removed. Keep in mind that you can’t undo it at this point, as Notion accounts and all your pages are irreversible. You can sign up with the same email address, but you still need to start from scratch.

Deleting your Notion account may be confusing

If you are not an experienced user, deleting a Notion account can be a bit confusing.

For starters, you might be overwhelmed with answers and information on how to do this. Keep in mind: the process is less complicated than it seems, and you won’t need customer support to get it done.

There are several reasons why users choose to deactivate or delete their accounts. One reason, for instance, is that Notion doesn’t come with end-to-end encryption.

Whatever the case may be, an account can be permanently removed from the Notion website. Once it is done and you get a Notion email for confirmation, no data of yours will remain on the platform.

What happens once you remove your Notion account?

Once your account is removed, all email addresses and accounts linked to it are also gone. You get a list of your other workspaces where you can choose what to delete and what to leave.

It is important to remember that you are deleting all accounts at once. This refers to accounts where you are the admin, but also any shared workspace where you are a member. The only way to keep one workspace open is if there are multiple admins, but your access to it will be denied. For each account you close, you get a Notion email of confirmation.

How to delete your Notion account but preserve your Notion data?

There is an option to back up and protect your Notion information. To do that, go to the workspace you want to backup, and click on Settings & Members (upper left sidebar).

You will find the Export Content option. The menu gives you the possibility to select content or export all data from the workspace. Select the second option.

Next, you will see a pop-up window on the screen where you can choose the format you want. Select ‘Export’ and choose between HTML, CSV, Markdown, or PDF (only available for paid users).

Other than removing all content, you can choose to export selected data (images or files).

Select what to export, and confirm. Depending on how much Notion content you have, the export can take a while.

Notion will prepare your backup for you, and you can save the data within a zip file on your local device. The platform also emails you a link where you can download the content, but you can only use it within 7 days.

Note that there is no possibility to bulk-export from multiple workspaces. You need to go to each workspace individually and export the date.

Also, keep in mind that Notion doesn’t let you export on smartphone devices. It is only possible on desktop devices and browsers.

It comes without saying, but it is always a smart idea to back up and protect data before you delete your Notion account.

How do you remove multiple Notion accounts and workspaces?

No worries – you are not the only admin out there with several Notion accounts. Deletion is possible, but you can’t lose access to all accounts at once. Instead, you need to log in separately and delete one at a time.

The process will be the same as described above. The good news is that there are no complications, and you can delete your account within minutes. 

How do you delete your Notion account using the mobile app?

You can delete your account from the mobile app following the same steps we described above. 

When is it complicated to delete your account?

Sometimes, you may encounter difficulties while trying to delete your account. It can happen for many reasons, such as owning multiple accounts or using a mobile app.

Here are some of the obstacles you could encounter: 

  • You switched to a new email address and you no longer remember your credentials
  • You use paid plans 
  • You don’t have a good grasp of the settings
  • Your internet connection is not very good
  • You are trying to delete someone else’s account

Can deleted workspaces and pages be recovered?

What if you didn’t decide to delete your workspace, but did it by mistake? If this is the case, contact support at and ask them to restore it. The team is very helpful, and it will restore any page to the state it was before.

Keep in mind that you can only update the settings 30 days after the account is deleted. If you don’t use this time, your page will be permanently lost.

FAQ On How To Delete Notion Account

Can I delete my Notion account directly from the app?

You bet. Just dive into the ‘Settings & Members’ section, then tap ‘My Account’. From there, you gotta scroll down and hit ‘Delete Account’.

It’s pretty straightforward, but remember, once you confirm, there’s no turning back—your digital workspace waves goodbye.

What information do I need before I can delete my Notion account?

Make sure you’re armed with your login credentials—email and password. Be ready for a security verification step; it’s their way of ensuring it’s really you.

Also, think about any important data. Grab a backup of your Notion pages, unless you’re cool with them sailing into the digital abyss.

Will deleting my Notion account cancel my subscription automatically?

It’s like pulling the plug; your subscription sinks along with the account.

But hold up, if you’re billed via a third party, like Apple or Google, you’ll need to cancel that subscription directly through them. Keep a sharp eye on those end dates too.

How long does it take for my Notion account to be fully deleted?

It’s not a snap-of-the-fingers deal. Once you hit delete, Notion keeps your data for a short grace period, just in case.

Post that, it’s a 30-day countdown until your account and data become a thing of the past.

What happens to my shared content after I delete my Notion account?

It gets a bit complex with shared workspaces. Your contributions stay put, but they’ll appear as if they’re from a ghost ship—’Anonymous’. Tip: Pass the captain’s hat to someone else for the workspaces where you’re the admin, or inform the crew about jumping ship.

Can I recover my Notion account after deletion?

You’ve got a lifeline, but it’s a short one! There’s a small window, typically within five days after you’ve requested deletion, to change course and recover your account.

Do that, and everything’s back in business.

Is there any way to temporarily deactivate my Notion account?

Right now, it’s more of a black-and-white scenario—either your account’s sailing or it’s docked for good.

No in-between. If you’re unsure about full deletion, maybe steer towards exporting your data and logging out for a bit.

What should I do if I’m having trouble deleting my Notion account?

Sometimes, it’s not smooth sailing. If you’re stuck, hoist a flag for the Notion Help Center—they’re your lifeguards.

They can sort out any tangled ropes, from login troubles to unexpected glitches.

How do I ensure that my data isn’t recoverable after deleting my Notion account?

To get that peace of mind, double-check with Notion’s privacy policy; shoot them a data deletion request if you want confirmation that your data’s sleeping with the fishes.

Keep in mind, they’re GDPR compliant, so they take this seriously.

Will all my Notion integrations be disabled when I delete my account?

Yes, cutting ties with Notion means integrations go too. Anything hooked to your account—be it Slack, Google Drive, or whatnot—won’t sync or update anymore.

Like pulling the plug from the socket, it stops the current flow cold.


As you stand at the helm, ready to chart new territories, knowing how to delete a Notion account is your north star to navigating digital transitions. Remember, walking through the account settings and waving farewell is more than a few clicks—it’s about ensuring a clean break without leaving digital footprints that could circle back.

With your course set, keep these golden nuggets close: back up data, disarm any third-party subscriptions, and if second thoughts capture your sails, the recovery window is your lifeline. Sail beyond Notion’s confines with confidence; after all, it’s about keeping your business’s voyage on course.

Should the seas get rough, Notion’s Help Center holds the beacon light to clear your path. Ultimately, the control’s in your hands, leaving no room for ambiguity on data privacy and security. So, here’s to smooth sailing as you navigate toward new digital horizons.

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