Guess what? Miami startups are absolutely crushing it right now! No joke, they’re bringing the heat and transforming the game in ways you wouldn’t even believe.

Here’s the scoop on these Miami startups:

  • They’re not just all about the beach and sunshine; they’re bold innovators pushing the envelope in their industries.
  • These guys are all about networking and collaboration. I’m telling you, the vibes are just fantastic.

Now, let me tell you what we’re gonna cover in this article:

  1. The superstars of Miami startups (prepare to be wowed, my friends).
  2. The groundbreaking tech they’re working with (it’s like something from the future, I swear).

So, get ready to dive into the sizzling-hot world of Miami startups.

Thus, here is a comprehensive list of businesses launched in Miami, whether you’re trying to launch your own company or are just curious about fast-growing startups from there.


Static parking lots are transformed into dynamic transportation and logistics hubs by REEF. Their goal is to act as the ecosystem that links your neighbourhood to the rest of the world.

The founders of REEF embarked on a mission to redesign parking lots in 2013. When they fulfilled that commitment, they recognised an opportunity to improve environments of all kinds. Today, REEF is a global leader in the operation of multi-brand kitchens, logistical hubs, and parking properties. 18,000 people work in 8,000 locations across 50 cities in North America, Europe, and the Middle East under their worldwide Proximity Network.


Many business travellers find it burdensome, thus TravelPerk has created a streamlined client experience. Businesses may create travel policies, keep track of trip data, and get a single invoice for each booking using an all-encompassing platform.

The customer care team at TravelPerk is renowned for responding in under a minute to immediately address any difficulties that may arise. With the largest travel inventory in the world, robust management tools, round-the-clock customer service, cutting-edge technology, and consumer-grade design, TravelPerk helps businesses all over the world make the most of their trips.

Yuga Labs

Miami-based startup Yuga Labs was established in 2021 and is now situated there. The company’s primary source of income is from the creation of NFTs and digital collectibles on behalf of numerous different businesses and people.

The network, which is based on the ApeCoin DAO, has grown quickly over the past 12 months. The company has only received seed money once, in March 2022, since its founding. As a result of this investment round, the company was able to reach agreements with 36 different investors.

As a result of this investment, Yuga Labs was able to raise $450 Million in total. Two purchases have also been made by the business.


The maker of a chain of technologically advanced hotels is LifeHouse. It manages a chain of hotels and sources properties through long-term agreements. The hotels have restaurants and bars.

They offer conveniences including in-room speakers, name-brand shampoos, linens, and entertainment systems. Rami Zeidan established Life House in 2017 with the goal of reinventing high-touch, regionally-focused lifestyle hotels.

After a successful career in the luxury and boutique hotel industry, Rami was ready to design a customised hospitality experience that would encourage regular, meaningful travel.


A financial technology startup called MoonPay develops the infrastructure for cryptocurrency payments. With the help of their on-and-off-ramp suite of products, users of all popular payment methods, such as debit and credit cards, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, may easily convert between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. More than 250 of the most popular wallets, websites, and applications trust MoonPay to process payments and fight fraud. MoonPay operates in more than 160 countries.

KEO World

KEO World (KEO), a cutting-edge FinTech company founded in 2020, supports Buyers and Suppliers in accelerating business growth through all-digital inventory financing and B2B payment solutions.

KEO is based in Miami, Florida, and through its Global Trade programme, it operates in the United States, Mexico, and throughout LATAM. The product lines offered by KEO are made to: Improve working capital; Enhance purchasing power; and Optimize cross-border payments.


The Lula team is constructing an API-based insurance infrastructure to transform the way businesses acquire and manage insurance. Its solution allows firms to insure assets by individual episodes, analyse risk profiles by more than 70+ risk measures, and handle claims and policies.

They put everything together that is needed to create and sustain a workable insurance scheme. With the use of LULA’s technology, rental car agencies, shipping and logistics firms, car-sharing websites, military personnel renting cars, and everything in between, may all offer insurance.


Papa provides senior adults with on-demand help. The organisation matches senior citizens with “Papa Pals” who assist them with transportation, housework, errands, and even technology classes. The software allows seniors to seek volunteers, pick a time and date, and keep track of their experiences.

The first and only on-demand assistance service for elders is called Papa. Our amiable, dependable team members, Papa Pals, who make wonderful social experiences for you and your elderly loved ones, are available to Papa members.


Revelo is a Miami-based startup that was established in 2015 and is still based there. With more than 100,000 engineers using its platform to hunt for opportunities, the company makes it simple to recruit and find the top tier of remote, pre-vetted technical talent in the US market.

As a result, numerous international developers are given the chance to advance in their careers. The business has received startup investment four times since its founding. In October 2021, the final of these investment rounds occurred. The company has been able to sign agreements with a total of eight investors thanks to these investment rounds. The sum total of these investments has made it possible for the business to raise $33.7 Million. is an online tool for comparing health insurance policies. It offers users tools for searching, comparing, and making recommendations for people seeking medical treatment. For personalised private products, it makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. has transformed how people purchase for health insurance since 2014 and has become one of America’s fastest-growing insurtech companies. The business has created specialised, proprietary solutions using cutting-edge technology and data science to better meet consumer needs, increase customer satisfaction, and remove some of the uncertainty and inefficiencies associated with purchasing insurance.


For usage with commercially accessible AR/VR head-mounted displays, Heru has created patented autonomous AI-powered vision diagnostics and augmentation software that may be downloaded. Double vision, visual distortions, and visual field impairments are all automatically diagnosed by the diagnostic programme.

The app then uses AI to instantly fix users’ eyesight flaws. The only cross-platform solution that can autonomously assess vision deficiencies and individually augment each user’s vision depending on their particular vision flaws is Heru’s downloadable AR/VR software.


A digital media company called Recurrent creates content from reputable brands with the goal of fostering generations of fervent fans across enthusiast verticals. More than 65 million unique visitors are engaged each month by its best-in-class brands, including Popular Science, Domino, Futurism, Outdoor Life, The Drive, Donut Media, Field & Stream, SAVEUR, and Task & Purpose.

The portfolio, which was first established in 2018 with the acquisition of The Drive, quickly grew to include more than 28 digital media brands spanning the automotive, home, outdoors, science, lifestyle, specialised, and military verticals under the ownership and support of North Equity. Recurrent’s headquarters are in Miami, and company also has offices in Austin, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco in addition to a nationwide virtual workforce.


Inspired by Stanford research, Arist works with top businesses to use Teams, Slack, and text message-based courses to give learning, training, and nudges in the work flow. Arist is a pioneer in reaching students where they are, and it is used by over 10% of the Fortune 500.

The 1,200-character idea or case study “blocks” in message-based courses are texted to the user each morning for 5–30 days. Each block is allowed to contain photos, GIFs, and evaluations. Message-based courses have completion and satisfaction rates of over 90% thanks to cutting-edge research from Stanford and UPenn (vs. 5% for video courses).


With the use of Taxfyle’s tax software, people and businesses may connect with experts who can file their taxes immediately. The business has a network of CPAs and EAs in the US who are prepared to finish tax returns and ensures that each one has through a background investigation.

CPAs who want to supplement their income can apply to become “Taxfyle Pros,” while accounting firms that want to expand their clientele can send the company compliance work. Taxfyle’s apps and APIs connect you with the best accountants to fit your needs, whether you’re an individual looking to file your taxes or an accounting firm looking to outsource tens of thousands of returns to domestic tax specialists.


Ugami is a Miami-based startup that was established in 2021 and is still running out of the same location. The company offers debit and credit cards that let users receive discounts and rewards on gaming-related goods, such as subscriptions, hardware, and software.

This financial solution was developed with gamers in mind. The company has only received startup investment once since its founding, and that fundraising round was in April 2022. Five investors in all provided support for this round of investment. The company has successfully raised $4.8 Million through agreements with these five investors.


An app-based photo and video editing platform is called PicsArt. Users can add filters, make collages, share, and do other things with it. Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the software. It makes money from in-app purchases and advertisements. Picsart is a platform that gives creators the ability to improve their passions with user-friendly tools and exclusive content in order to give everyone a creative edge.

Anyone can produce captivating photos and films in a matter of minutes thanks to user-friendly editing tools driven by AI, one of the largest open-source content collections in the world, customizable templates, and an intuitive user interface. On their platform, creators produce a wide range of material, including hot social media posts, e-commerce shop images, and podcast covers.


Honorlock provides a remote proctoring service for students, assisting schools and universities in growing their online programmes. By offering simple and efficient on-demand customised testing options, they want to make distance learning more convenient.

Honorlock technology has received numerous business honours since 2013. The business is now thrilled to collaborate with Florida Atlantic University’s Tech Runway Business-Accelerator programme.


OppZo is a FinTech business with a purpose to democratise access to reasonable operating cash. The OppZo team is made up of ex-government contractors, seasoned capital allocators, and business owners who are passionate about creating cutting-edge and mission-aligned financing solutions to support the expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Every business owner, in their opinion, should have access to fair and inexpensive finance when they need it. The way small businesses obtain funding is being reinvented by OppZo. They have venture capital backing and are run by FinTech industry professionals.


The workplace is evolving. In the coming years, the contingent workforce could reach 50%. Spending of $800 billion. Also, the ecosystem is outdated, ineffective, and fragmented. Automation, artificial intelligence, digitising workflows, and the creation of attractive, user-friendly technologies are altering that.

They work with several of the most disruptive online staffing platforms and human marketplaces, making it simple for them to onboard and pay contract/freelance/gig employees. They also work with some of the most well-known companies in the world.

By using GreenLight, businesses can manage and pay their contract and freelance employees in a secure and simple manner. They serve as The Future of Work’s API compliance layer.


An IoT-connected construction tool from SmartBarrel is available to automate timekeeping and get rid of labour theft. To track the time of all employees on the jobsite, including your own labour, subcontractors, and temporary labour, SmartBarrel uses biometric facial verification.

Contractors and supervisors may use the gadget to keep an eye on staff and projects, record daily reports, assign tasks, and get immediate weather alerts. The solar-powered SmartBarrel devices provide safe data encryption and theft prevention features.


Miami-based startup Influur was established there in 2021 and is still headquartered there. The business has set up a platform where social media influencers can submit applications for jobs with numerous brands that are participating in advertising campaigns. Influencers are prevented from abandoning unfinished work by Influur, who only delivers funds after you mark your advertising campaign as successful.

The company has received startup investment twice since its founding, with the most recent round taking place in April 2022. With the help of sixteen investors who collectively invested $5.8 million in Influur over these investment rounds, the company was able to raise this amount.


Robotic guidance systems for dental operations are offered by Neocis. It is a computerised navigational system that helps throughout both the preoperative and actual surgical procedures for dental implants. Haptic robotic technology is used in the device to give tactile direction.

For precise angulation during oral treatments, it gives the dental surgeon’s hand a haptic feedback. Neocis, which was established in 2009, is pleased to be the industry’s first and only surgical robotics business. They produce and sell Yomi, a robotic device with FDA clearance that supports clinical teams during all stages of implant insertion.


A division of TissueTech, Inc. called Bio-Tissue creates and distributes regenerative therapies that let doctors in ophthalmology raise the bar for treating the ocular surface. Its main offerings are cryopreserved amniotic membrane and tissue derived from umbilical cords, both of which have shown therapeutic properties that can treat eye surface wounds.

By using its patented CryoTek preservation technique, the company guarantees that the tissue will keep its biologic activity and healing components. The combined transplantation of allografts by Bio-Tissue and its sibling company Amniox Medical amounts to more than 300,000 to date (TissueTech business units).


SaaS fintech products created by aXpire aid companies in boosting output and revenues. For hedge funds and private equity, the company created Resolvr, an end-to-end spend management and spending allocation tool that enables users to boost revenue, improve communications, streamline operations, and minimise the need for human labour.

In automating processes, Billr, aXpire’s time-tracking and dictation software, assists law firms and attorneys in documenting and billing for their work.


DoorLoop is a Miami-based firm that was established in 2019 and keeps its corporate offices there. The business is responsible for developing a software-based solution for managing rental properties that automates operations including tenant screening, collecting rent payments, and accounting for the property owner.

This eliminates a lot of the grunt labour involved in being a landlord. Since its founding, the company has only received one round of startup investment, which was completed in September 2021. DoorLoop had the chance to reach investment agreements with eight investors during this funding round. The company has received $10 million in total from these investors to help it speed its expansion even more.

FAQ on Miami startups

What’s the startup scene like in Miami?

Well, Miami has been experiencing a surge in its startup scene. The city’s diverse culture, strategic location, and thriving tech community make it a great place for entrepreneurs. Miami has also attracted significant investment in recent years, leading to a rise in startups across various sectors, like healthcare, fintech, and e-commerce. With a growing number of incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the Miami startup ecosystem.

How can I find Miami-based startups?

To discover Miami-based startups, you can explore online resources such as AngelList, Crunchbase, or local startup directories. Attending networking events, conferences, or meetups focused on Miami’s startup scene can also help you connect with local entrepreneurs and learn about emerging companies. Additionally, following local news outlets and social media channels can keep you updated on the latest startups in the area.

Are there any success stories of Miami startups?

Absolutely! There are several Miami startups that have made a name for themselves. One example is CareCloud, a healthcare technology company that has raised over $100 million in funding. Another success story is Nearpod, an interactive educational platform that was acquired for a significant amount. These examples showcase Miami’s ability to foster innovative and successful startups across various industries.

What kind of support is available for startups in Miami?

Miami offers a range of support for startups, including accelerators, incubators, and venture capital firms. Organizations like TheVentureCity, Endeavor Miami, and StartUP FIU provide resources, mentorship, and funding opportunities to help local startups grow. In addition, coworking spaces and universities in the area offer resources and support to new businesses. Miami is committed to fostering a vibrant and supportive environment for its startup community.

Can I find funding for my startup in Miami?

Yes, you can! Miami has an active venture capital scene with firms like Krillion Ventures, Rokk3r Fuel ExO, and Ocean Azul Partners investing in local startups. You can also explore crowdfunding platforms, angel investors, and government grants to help fund your business. Attending networking events and building relationships with key players in the community is crucial to securing funding for your startup.

Are there any startup incubators or accelerators in Miami?

Certainly! Miami is home to several incubators and accelerators, such as TheVentureCity, Endeavor Miami, and StartUP FIU. These programs offer resources, mentorship, and sometimes funding opportunities to help startups grow and succeed. Participating in these programs can be an excellent way to accelerate your business and connect with valuable networks in the industry.

How do I network with other entrepreneurs in Miami?

To network with other entrepreneurs in Miami, you should attend startup-focused events, conferences, and meetups. You can also join local online communities and social media groups where entrepreneurs share their experiences, advice, and opportunities. Networking is essential for building relationships and finding potential customers, investors, and partners, so make an effort to connect with others in the community.

What are some challenges Miami startups face?

While Miami’s startup scene is booming, there are some challenges that startups may encounter. These can include limited access to funding compared to larger startup hubs, difficulty in attracting top talent, and a competitive landscape. However, Miami’s growing support system, vibrant culture, and strategic location help offset these challenges and create a supportive environment for startups.

How can I hire talent for my Miami startup?

To find talent for your Miami startup, you can attend local networking events, use online job boards, and connect with universities and colleges in the area. Engaging with the local community can help you find

skilled individuals who are interested in joining the startup scene. Additionally, leveraging social media platforms and reaching out to your network can help you find the right talent for your business.

Be sure to highlight the unique opportunities and benefits of working at a startup to attract the best candidates. Building a strong team is crucial for the success of your startup, so invest time and effort into the hiring process.

Conclusion on these Miami startups

Additionally, numerous startup unicorns—companies with a market value of $1 billion or more—have their corporate headquarters in Miami. The “unicorn” title is held by Miami-based businesses such MoonPay, Pipe, Papa, REEF Technology, Kaseya, and Magic Leap (based in nearby Plantation, FL). These businesses, some of which have only recently been founded, are on our list of the best startups in Miami to watch.

The growth of Web3 technologies, cryptocurrency, and the influx of New Yorkers and San Franciscans into Miami have all contributed to the expansion of the city’s startup community. There were more founders headquartered in Miami than any other city in a previous Y Combinator batch! The head office of has moved to Miami. The largest bitcoin conference in the world is held in this city, and NFTs were frequently discussed at the annual Art Basel art fair.

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