Picture this. You’re walking down Nashville’s Broadway, not just toe-tapping to the sound of the latest country hit but buzzing from the electric energy of the city’s innovation.

Welcome to the unexpected side of Music City, where Nashville startups are strumming a new tune of business revolution.

Here, the harmonious blend of creativity and entrepreneurship takes center stage.

And if you’ve got an eye on the ground-breaking, growth-hungry world of startups, there’s a seat waiting for you in this Southern gem of an ecosystem.

What’s on the bill? A deep dive into Nashville’s business climate, an exploration of the Music City tech scene, and the lowdown on the resources that make it a hit for up-and-comers.

By the crescendo, you’ll be well-versed in how to plug into this network of Nashville entrepreneurs and venture capital.

This isn’t just a tour; it’s your insider’s guide. We’re exploring everything from coworking spaces that house tomorrow’s giants to innovation hubs where ideas blossom.

Time to see why they call it the Silicon Ranch Corporation of the South.

Nashville Startups

Company NameIndustryServices/ProductTarget MarketUnique Features
CM GroupMarketing TechnologyEmail marketing platforms, servicesBusinesses/MarketersIntegrated marketing suite
RootineHealth/WellnessPersonalized nutrition and supplementsIndividuals seeking personalized healthData-driven custom nutrition
Episode SolutionsHealthcareManagement of musculoskeletal conditionsHealthcare providers, patientsStreamlined patient care for musculoskeletal ailments
Contessa HealthHealthcareHome recovery care programsHospitals, health systems, payersHospital-level care at home
Grand Ole OpryEntertainmentCountry music stage concerts, radio showsCountry music fansHistoric venue and live broadcast
CareBridgeHealthcare TechDigital support for long-term carePatients, family caregivers, healthcare providersPersonalized long-term care management
BuiltConstruction TechLending and software for constructionConstruction lenders, contractorsReal-time financial management for construction
NomNomNowPet Health/NutritionFresh, custom-made pet foodPet ownersFresh, human-grade ingredients tailored to pet’s needs
Aspire HealthHealthcare ServicesHome-based palliative care servicesPatients with serious illnessSpecialized in serious illness management at home
InstaworkStaffing/HiringFlexible staffing for hourly workersBusinesses, Hourly workersOn-demand staffing platform
Campaign MonitorMarketing TechnologyEmail marketing and automation toolsMarketers, Small to medium businessesEasy-to-use email marketing campaigns
AltoIRAFinancial TechnologyInvesting in alternative assets with IRAInvestors looking for IRA diversificationSimple IRA investment in alternative assets
ProviderTrustHealthcare ComplianceHealthcare compliance and screening solutionsHealthcare OrganizationsReal-time healthcare compliance monitoring
SecturaSOFTManufacturing TechQuotation and cutting optimization softwareManufacturers, specifically metal fabricatorsOptimizing manufacturing processes and quotes
Vori HealthHealthcareFull-stack medical care deliveryPatients, Employers, Health plansIntegrated medical and physical health platform
August BioservicesBiotechPharmaceutical development & manufacturingPharmaceutical companies / startupsFull-service CDMO with a focus on complex formulations

CM Group

Campaign Monitor, Emma, Vuture, Liveclicker, Sailthru, Selligent, and Cheetah Digital are all part of the CM Group, a family of global martech solutions that specialises in multichannel digital marketing. CM Group was founded in 2017 with the goal of uniting a diverse group of email marketing platforms under a single roof. By combining these well-known brands, CM Group offers highly customised customer engagement solutions for a variety of global industries, enabling any marketer to create worthwhile consumer encounters at every stage of the customer journey.


Rootine wants to help as many people as possible use their data to attain optimum health. In order to give insights, precise nutrients, and progress tracking, they now mix lab testing with connected health data. An active community rounds out the member experience. A compressive framework to address common and chronic health issues is what they are working for.

Episode Solutions

 Without compromising current professional fee-for-service income, Episode Solutions exclusively caters to the needs of physicians and physician groups by offering information and services to assist in evaluating and improving physician performance in alternative payment systems. Via Episode Solutions, doctors can benefit from the significant chances to generate and participate in immediate savings from bundled payments.

Contessa Health

The fundamental components of inpatient hospital care are delivered in the patients’ homes by Contessa Health’s risk-based strategy. The business enables patients to recover from acute or post-acute diseases and surgeries in the comfort of their own homes, allowing provider organisations to scale efficient and cost-effective home recovery care in respective markets. The analytics platform at Contessa Health analyses claim data to find areas where money might be saved.

Grand Ole Opry

Grand Ole Opry is a website that provides online tickets options for different events. Members of the platform can use its website to purchase tickets for a variety of events. On the website, members can purchase tickets directly for a variety of performances, concerts, comedic events, etc. Members of the platform have access to a calendar where they can select events and purchase tickets. It gives users access to a variety of event-related information, including dates, times, artists, locations, etc.


CareBridge is a company that offers technology and services to help states and health plans take care of people who are getting long-term support services. The services offered by CareBridge include electronic visit verification (EVV), data aggregation, round-the-clock member support, and benefit administration.

Decision Support: To maximise each LTSS member’s independence and clinical results, CareBridge is developing the first predictive model in the US to ascertain how many home and community-based services each member who is living at home needs. The decision support tools provided by CareBridge aid in ensuring that each person receives the support they require and merit. CareBridge was established through the acquisition of HealthStar and Sinq Technologies, and it is run by a group of skilled business and technology leaders in the healthcare industry.


Built is the top supplier of technology for building financing. To facilitate the flow of finance across the construction ecosystem, Created links commercial and consumer construction lenders, commercial real estate owners, commercial general contractors, residential homebuilders, specialist contractors, title companies, and other industry vendors.

The platform assists in risk mitigation, powers quicker draws and payments, ensures compliance, and fosters customer loyalty by integrating all significant stakeholders involved in the construction financing process in real-time. Almost 130 of the top construction lenders in the country, together with thousands of owners and contractors, utilise Built to track over $135 billion in construction expenditures to date.


Every year, Americans spend up to $30 billion on pet food, the great majority of which is mass-produced, generic food that is distributed through regular retailers. NomNomNow gives customers a more personalised experience focused on made-to-order, fresh, home-cooked pet food by fusing technology, data, and cutting edge nutritional research.

Using a unique e-commerce and operational platform developed by former Google engineers, NomNomNow prepares and distributes 14 fresh meals per week that are precisely portioned and wrapped for each pet, down to the gramme. Dr. Justin Shmalberg, one of the nation’s top veterinary nutritionists, developed all of the company’s formulas, which are healthy for dogs and cats of all ages.

Aspire Health

Aspire Health is a brand-new healthcare organisation that focuses on offering additional help to people dealing with critical illnesses. The clinicians at Aspire are experts at assisting patients and carers in navigating the healthcare system, relieving symptoms, pain, and stress associated with serious illnesses, assisting patients and carers in making difficult and complex treatment decisions, and offering emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families.

The demographic backgrounds of the Aspire Health employees are exceptionally diversified. Women make up 75.5% of the workforce, and ethnic minorities make up 39.6%.


In more than 25 U.S. markets, Instawork offers businesses a flexible staffing solution. Businesses may instantly recruit local hourly workers — from bartenders to baristas, forklift drivers to retail merchandisers — using the company’s on-demand platform to meet last-minute staffing demands or anticipate seasonal employment requirements.

Instawork just completed a $100 million Series C fundraising round, raising $60 million. The additional capital will enable Instawork to maintain its rapid expansion into new markets, job categories, and industries and to invest in more training and career-development programmes for hourly workers.

Campaign Monitor

With customizable themes, A/B testing, dynamic content, social sharing, and mobile compatibility, Campaign Monitor offers an email marketing platform. It may be integrated with various platforms, including Shopify, Salesforce, Facebook, Magento, and Woo Commerce.

The platform has a subscription-based pricing structure. Flight Centre, The Drake Hotel, Morning Brew, Rip Curl, Glam Corner, among others, are among the clients.


With the help of AltoIRA, regular individuals may diversify their IRAs by making investments in non-traditional assets including private equity, venture capital, real estate, loans, and cryptocurrencies.

Alto is introducing alternative investments to the general public by providing Regular, Roth, SEP, and Crypto IRAs. Today, regular people can quickly and affordably access their retirement funds to invest in assets that were previously only available to high-net-worth individuals.

Investors can engage in deals offered by AngelList, EquityZen, Masterworks, Wefunder, and other investment platform partners using their Alto IRA, or they can invest in possibilities through their own private network. People now have access to retirement funds worth tens of trillions of dollars to use as they please.


A useful piece of healthcare software called ProviderTrust offers a straightforward method for managing, storing, and keeping track of the necessary patient credentials. Employers may automate the mandated monthly OIG exclusion list inspections and nationwide employee sanctions and disciplinary action monitoring using ProviderTrust’s monitor packages.

The software from ProviderTrust can be set up to demand licences and certificates that are particular to each employee role, making it simple for human resources to make sure that all necessary credentials are present and up to date. Only 103 people work for ProviderTrust, a small technology business with $11.7M in yearly revenue and headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.


SecturaSOFT creates software to assist sheet metal shops and metal fabricators in providing quick, accurate quotations and estimates. The company was founded by metal distribution veterans who were committed to modernising the industry.

The business has offices in Nashville, Cincinnati, and Birmingham. Its technology solutions are meant to assist users “produce winning bids quickly” and work more effectively.

Vori Health

A holistic, integrated approach is used by Vori Health, an all-encompassing supplier of healthcare, beginning with musculoskeletal care. The business provides complete physical medicine and rehabilitation medical treatment, physical therapy, prescriptions, ordering of imaging and lab work, health coaching, nutritional advice, community support, and premium educational content.

The team offers services that may be accessed with a click from the comfort and convenience of a patient’s home and is made up of carefully chosen, board-certified or licenced providers.

August Bioservices

A provider of varied research services for clinical solutions is August Bioservices. The business offers services for functional characterization and in-vitro test development.

We offer drug discovery, cell line development, and protein engineering/protein treatments using cytokines, enzymes, fusion proteins, humanized monoclonal antibodies, mAbs, and protein conjugates. Pharma development solutions include formulation, process design, and analytical technique development. For clinical manufacturing, labeling, kitting, and other support services are offered.

FAQ On Nashville Startups

What’s driving the growth of Nashville startups?

The secret sauce? It’s all about the city’s vibrant community spirit mixed with a dose of Southern hospitality.

Investors are taking note, providing ample venture capital for growth. Plus, initiatives like Launch Tennessee are fueling this fire, making Nashville a hotbed for entrepreneurial ventures.

How can one secure funding for a startup in Nashville?

Start by networking within Nashville’s business ecosystem—attend pitch events. Engage with local angel investors or check out startup accelerators like the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

Grants and funding programs are also part of the scene, so keep an eye out and your pitch ready.

Which industries are Nashville startups thriving in?

Undoubtedly, healthcare’s taking a slice of the pie thanks to the city’s healthcare infrastructure.

But don’t let that overshadow the burgeoning tech scene, including healthtech startups. As for the creatives, music industry startups remain ever so harmonious with Nashville’s tune.

Are there specific communities or events for Nashville entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! Nashville’s startup culture buzzes with communities like the Nashville Technology Council and events like the Nashville Entrepreneur Week.

There’s also Project Music, which is like an accelerator pitch refined to a melody, tailoring to the city’s musical roots.

What are the best coworking spaces for startups in Nashville?

WeWork stands out, with amenities galore. But for something more Nashville-rooted, Industrious offers local charm.

If you’re hunting for creative synergy, consider Center 615 for its community-focused vibes. These spaces go beyond desks; they are hubs for collaboration and growth.

Can you name successful startups that originated in Nashville?

Silicon Ranch Corporation shines bright, pioneering in solar energy. Then there’s Emma, the email marketing maestro, and Bellhops, which is reshaping the moving industry.

These companies are testament to Nashville’s fertile ground for ideas that scale and succeed.

What challenges do Nashville startups face?

Despite the supportive environment, startups still tangle with finding top-tier tech talent. Competition is stiff too, especially when fishing in the same pond as established firms.

And let’s not forget, navigating legal and regulatory waters can be as complex as a country ballad.

How does Nashville support minority or women-led startups?

Good question. Nashville’s got a heart for inclusivity. Programs like Pathway Women’s Business Center offer tailored support.

There’s also Nashville’s Minority Business Center, which provides resources, funding guidance, and mentorship, crucial for breaking through barriers.

What role do local universities play in the Nashville startup scene?

Think of them as innovation nurseries. Universities like Vanderbilt and Belmont foster young talent, many of whom stick around post-graduation to sow their startup seeds.

They’re not just educating; they’re facilitating the future of business through incubators and partnerships.

How has Nashville’s reputation as “Music City” impacted its startup ecosystem?

It’s an identity that strikes a chord with creativity and branding. Music City’s rep draws artistic and tech-savvy types alike, all looking for a stage to innovate.

 Music industry startups flourish naturally, while tech ventures leverage the vibe, making for a harmonious blend of industries.


As the curtain falls on our deep dive into the vibrant world of Nashville startups, it’s clear that this city is more than just a backdrop for the next chart-topper; it’s a launchpad for businesses set to redefine the tune of innovation.

  • Music City has evolved into a hub where venture capital meets the audacity of dreamers and doers.
  • The supportive startup ecosystem, peppered with events like Nashville Entrepreneur Week, fuels fearless growth.
  • Coworking spaces, accelerators, and institutions like Vanderbilt University are the strong pillars supporting this network of Nashville entrepreneurs.

Startup success stories resonate throughout the city’s rolling hills, proving that when diverse industries collide with a culture ripe for entrepreneurship, the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned investor, there’s a chord for everyone to strike in Nashville’s startup scene, and the melody of opportunity here sings loud and clear.

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