Ready for some news? Sacramento startups are making waves in the tech scene, and it’s time we took a peek at what’s happening in this underrated tech hub. Yup, Sacramento isn’t just about politics and the California sun. So, let’s dive in and see what’s going on, okay?

  • First up, let’s explore the innovation—these startups have groundbreaking ideas that’ll make you think, “Wow, that’s seriously smart!”
  • I’ve got some real-life examples that’ll have you saying, “Man, that’s downright impressive!”
  • And, of course, we’ll uncover the stories behind these startups, because who can resist a good tale of ambition and achievement?

So, grab your favorite coffee and get ready to be inspired by Sacramento’s buzzing startup scene. You might even catch the entrepreneurial bug or find yourself cheering for these rising tech stars.

Join me, and we’ll navigate the fascinating world of Sacramento startups together.


Zennify is a software firm that specializes in financial services and supports the expansion of its clients. Financial services, business consulting, IT consulting, cloud marketing, business integration, and system integration are some of its areas of expertise. One that you can trust for your growth in all areas, including data strategy, implementation, integration, training, and continuing platform maintenance.

A large portion of Zennify’s success since settling in Sacramento may be attributed to the area’s wealth of young, technically adept talent that is eager to advance their careers. According to Manvir Sandhu, CEO and co-founder of Zennify, “Our development is powered by Sacramento’s excellent technical talent graduating from coding boot camps and four-year institutions who are ready to take their profession and expertise to the next level.”


Conquer facilitates response through channel of choice for all steps in the Sales Engagement Process and orchestrates and monitors all omnichannel guided selling efforts directly into Salesforce.

Clients of Cadence enjoy a wholly unique real-time picture of all omnichannel engagements, including voice. Its comprehensive technique permits adjustments to the broader omnichannel plan depending on real response patterns, further optimizing Cadence efficacy and speeding up the sales process. The business was established in 2005 and currently has 45 employees.


They create cutting-edge cell separation tools and accessories while incorporating cutting-edge design to facilitate workflows in regenerative medicine. SynGen Inc. uses cutting-edge engineering to enable regenerative treatments.

The business develops and markets solutions that separate and collect stem and progenitor cells from peripheral and umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, and adipose tissue using single-use, sterile plastic cartridge disposables coupled to specialized, highly automated electromechanical medical devices. By Richard Tullis, Philip Coelho, and George Barry, the startup company was established in 2009.

California Sunlight

Small-scale solar energy systems with high efficiency and competitive pricing are developed, designed, and commercialized by California Sunlight Corporation.

California Sunshine provides a new breed of solar energy solutions for your residential and commercial needs, including active daylighting, solar electricity generation, and solar cooking, using its patent-pending innovations.

Virtual Combine

 A showcase and branding company for athletes and teams is called Virtual Combine. It offers the young athletic community a digital platform via web and mobile applications.

The platform facilitates the tasks associated with coaching, athletic development, sports community organizing, scouting and recruiting, fundraising, networking, and career progression. Additionally, it gives stakeholders the tools they need to use data analysis to improve decisions about recruiting, position allocations for teams, and physical training. The business was established in 2018 and currently has 50 employees.


To develop and produce specialized generic and OTC products, Nivagen’s business strategy is to locate and make use of the best and most affordable CROs and CRAMs in the world. Pharmaceutical company Nivagen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

conducts business. The company develops, buys, and sells generic prescription medications as well as over-the-counter goods. The medical industry is served globally by Nivagen Pharmaceuticals.

Nivagen Pharmaceuticals, a small pharmaceutical business with only 35 workers and $2.0M in yearly revenue, is based in California.


Grin is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform made to help brands control their interactions with influencers. With the right tools in your corner, you can cultivate a network of reliable brand and financial ambassadors.

With GRIN, you have complete control over every facet of your influencer marketing program, enabling you to take full ownership of the process.” Grin was established in 2014 and recognized as one of Sacramento’s top IT startups in 2022.

Alphapura Robotics

The goal of Alphapura Robotics, a firm that innovates green manufacturing processes, is to create recycler-manufacturing systems that can convert meltable waste from around the world into reasonably priced goods and services.

Frederick Janson launched the business in 2016.

Sacramento Republic FC

Sacramento Republic FC is a Sacramento, California-based professional soccer team that competes in the USL Championship’s Western Conference. The startup was established in 2012 and now employs 102 people.


Rhombus is a flexible physical security platform that makes it simple for enterprise organizations to create a solution to suit their particular requirements.

Rhombus provides intelligent security sensors and cameras that effortlessly interact with top-tier products. Organizations may monitor, control, and react to crucial events in real-time with the Rhombus Platform.


By producing quickly deployable solar generators in 20-foot shipping containers, BoxPower is paving the way for an energy future that is distributed, portable, and sustainable.

For off-grid and grid-tied energy consumers, the special combination of renewable and conventional energy generation with battery backup offers a safe, dependable, and affordable alternative to fossil fuel generation.


The fastest restaurant delivery service is Foodjets. The best neighborhood restaurants are delivered to customers’ curbs. Also, customers may always know exactly where their meal is thanks to their live order tracking system. 33 people work for the 2015-founded business.


Trifecta was established in 2015 with the goal of assisting America in getting back in shape. To help customers achieve their nutritional and health goals, Trifecta provides organic, fully prepared meal options at competitive prices.

Trifecta provides the nourishment, guidance, and social support you need to succeed.


The term “CogniMem” stands for “Cognitive Memory,” and it refers to a cutting-edge technology for cognitive computing that includes anomaly and novelty detection as well as pattern identification and categorization. A parallel neural network called CogniMem implements classifiers suited for both exact and fuzzy matching.

CogniMem is dedicated to proving that the CogniMem Neural Network Chip is a special tool that allows cognitive computing to create image and general-purpose recognition systems and gadgets that are effective but easy to use. Powerful refers to a strong pattern recognition engine that is adaptable, quick, and expandable. The business was established in 2011.

Azra Games

For core gamers, collectible combat role-playing games are created by Azra Games on the blockchain. Both of them are gamers and cryptocurrency natives. Azra Games, financed by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and NFX, was founded by virtuoso game designer Mark Otero, best known for Electronic Arts’ top-grossing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, serial entrepreneur Sonny Mayugba, and crypto nerd Travis Boudreaux.

TSI Semiconductors

A top-tier, speciality foundry, TSI Semiconductors provides flexible technology development and the highest level of industry grade manufacturing solutions for projects with lot sizes ranging from very small to very large.

They are able to produce in a wide range of flexible processes at the 8-inch fabrication factory in Roseville, California, including analog/mixed-signal, deep-submicron, high-voltage BCDMOS, and solutions like innovative materials structures and devices.


Rezku is the brainchild of seasoned restaurant entrepreneur and computer technology pioneer Paul Katsch. It was founded in 2014 and is based in Sacramento, California, close to the software and technology mecca of Silicon Valley.

utilizing the most recent iPad technology, on a goal to provide dependable, inexpensive, powerful yet user-friendly solutions to demanding bar and restaurant owners.

Care Monk

Users of Care Monk can obtain high-quality, reasonably priced in- and out-of-home care services for their elderly, ailing, and dependent family members and friends. Website that links patients and carers and offers solutions to help with in-home care process management, billing, and communication.

ResQ Medical

In 2013, ResQ Medical was established. ResQ Medical is an automated solution that automatically logs resident work hours without requiring manual data entry by utilizing cutting-edge location technology. Hours are instantly transferred to MedHub.

Adrastia Biotechnology

In order to offer women a highly accurate Breast Cancer diagnosis methodology that is simple to use, non-invasive, will produce quick findings, and will give them with a personal health history, Adrastia Biotechnology was established in 2013.


The networks, PCs, and smart devices in linked households, small businesses, and smart cities are isolated and protected by TrustWrx, the first affordable, hands-free enterprise-class security solution. George Sidman launched the business in 2018.


Supplier provides a platform for small- and medium-sized companies to do targeted local online advertising. The business gives marketers the option to choose the material their ads will appear next to, as well as to adjust the messaging and artwork to increase the likelihood that viewers will see them.

AdGlue is a solution for advertising that caters to demographic and target audience needs. Finding content, viewing the advertisement, and making a purchase are the three steps of the AdGlue advertising process.

FAQs on Sacramento startups

What is the current state of the Sacramento startup ecosystem, and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

Startups in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, and clean energy are particularly well-represented in Sacramento’s young and expanding startup ecosystem.

Startups wishing to grow their operations will find the area’s educated workforce, inexpensive cost of living, and proximity to the Bay Area to be quite appealing.

However, there are obstacles in the ecosystem that might stifle growth and new ideas, such as a dearth of venture capital and few resources for companies.

What are some notable Sacramento-based startups, and what makes them successful?

SemaConnect, which creates charging stations for electric vehicles, and VSP Global, which offers vision insurance, are two examples of successful companies established in Sacramento.

The closeness to the Bay Area and other digital centers, as well as the region’s strengths in healthcare and clean energy, have all contributed to the development of these firms.

In addition, many of Sacramento’s new businesses place a premium on doing good for the community and being environmentally responsible, which has resulted in increased engagement from both consumers and staff.

How has the region’s proximity to the Bay Area and other tech hubs influenced the local startup culture?

Many Sacramento-based firms, inspired by the region’s closeness to the Bay Area and other tech hubs, are actively seeking partnerships with companies in other parts of the country and access to new markets.

In addition, the Bay Area’s notoriety for experimentation and boldness has served to encourage and inspire startup companies in Sacramento, which are keen to emulate their Bay Area counterparts’ achievements.

What are some of the challenges facing Sacramento startups, and how are they addressing them?

Startups in Sacramento encounter several obstacles, such as a scarcity of available startup resources and a highly competitive national and international market.

Several entrepreneurs are responding to these problems by forming strategic alliances with other companies and institutions, turning to non-traditional funding mechanisms like crowdfunding, and employing novel approaches to human resources to attract and keep the best employees.

How does the Sacramento startup ecosystem compare to other tech hubs like San Francisco or Silicon Valley?

Although Sacramento’s startup environment isn’t as large or well-established as those in San Francisco or Silicon Valley, it does have some advantages of its own.

Startups in Sacramento are well-positioned to take advantage of developing trends and technology in fields including healthcare, agriculture, and clean energy due to the city’s cheaper cost of living and its rising pool of talent.

What role do venture capital firms play in supporting Sacramento startups, and what impact do they have on the ecosystem?

Sacramento’s startup community would not be what it is today without the assistance of the venture capital industry, which provides crucial money, mentorship, and connections.

There is a supportive and collaborative ecosystem because many local VC companies are actively seeking out breakthrough technology and concepts with the potential to address critical social and environmental issues.

What industries are Sacramento startups focusing on, and what are some emerging trends in the local startup scene?

Healthcare, agriculture, clean energy, and software are just a few of the many sectors in which Sacramento’s startup community is engaged.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly popular in local startups, and so are efforts to improve transportation and implement blockchain technology in a wide range of industries.

What resources are available to Sacramento startups, such as incubators, accelerators, and networking organizations?

Incubators, accelerators, and networking groups are just some of the options available to Sacramento’s startup community.

Impact Venture Capital, the Sacramento Angels, and the Sacramento Regional Innovation Awards are just a few of these shining examples.

To ensure the continued development and success of businesses, these tools supply them with capital, guidance, and connections.

How do Sacramento startups approach issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry?

There is a growing awareness within Sacramento’s startup community of the value of cultivating a welcoming and diverse workplace environment.

The region’s startups have taken several steps to increase diversity and inclusion, including forming diversity and inclusion committees, collaborating with local organizations to expand access to resources, and supporting entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities.

What is the outlook for Sacramento startups in the next few years, and how are they positioning themselves for success in a rapidly changing business landscape?

Startups in Sacramento have a bright future since many of them are prepared to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Startups in Sacramento will need to be nimble and creative if they are to keep up with the region’s increasing influx of capital and talent, as well as the emergence of new technologies and trends.

Startups in Sacramento may make a big difference in their fields if they take advantage of emerging technologies, form solid relationships, and prioritize social responsibility.

Conclusion on these Sacramento startups

Even though it can be challenging, starting a business can be very rewarding. Having a fantastic concept and attempting to sell it present several difficulties, including securing funding, hiring staff, marketing, handling legal matters, and controlling funds. Yet keep in mind that startups might result in more fulfilling careers and the chance to make a lasting impression.

Some people possess the capacity to create something from nothing. You could desire to realize some insane concept you have in your thoughts. That probably already exists on some napkins or in a Photoshop file, but soon it’ll come to pass. There is a significant probability that it will be something that influences many people all around the world.

Despite being small businesses, startups have a significant impact on the economy. They increase employment by creating more jobs, and greater employment translates into a stronger economy. Also, a start-up promotes economic growth by fostering competition and innovation. New business owners develop fresh ideas, which are essential for fostering competitiveness and ongoing innovation.

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