You want to find some vet clinic names for your clinic, right?

When it comes to health-related companies, identification is extremely important. Patients and clients need to quickly and easily identify the type of treatment they will find on the site. 

After all, it may be situations of life or death. This is true for both people and animals. That is why, if you want to start a veterinary business, having the correct name is essential. If you don’t know how to start looking for ideas, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, you will find quite a few vet clinic names that you can use as a guide to building a recognizable and trust-inspiring business.

Table of contents

Need to know before naming your clinic

A good first impression

No one would risk entering a clinic with a name that does not give security. When looking for healthcare professionals, you expect the highest quality care and professionalism. The same happens in a vet clinic.

Pets are another family member. We hope that they are taken care of with the same care that a human deserves, and therefore we do not entrust them to anyone. That is why much of the publicity that a veterinarian or clinic receives comes from satisfied patients.

As a result, customers should know where to return in the future, and where are they going to recommend their friends. If you want your company to be engraved in the memory of your customers, you need a striking but professional name. It is a combination that takes time to achieve but guarantees success as a brand.

Many vet clinic names can help you. In fact, the number of words related to the medical world is so extensive that you can play with pronouns, adjectives, connectives, and much more. So that you are not going around in circles between so many options, we will help you narrow your search field. In addition, you will find some suggestions for clinic names that could be adapted to your corporate vision.

Set a course to follow

The first step is to determine what you offer in your vet clinic. This is essential to guide the search for a name.

Depending on the services you offer, the business name can be an indication for your clients. If the name is clear or related to an animal, they will immediately know what to expect when entering the premises.

In addition, determining what your market is will allow you to get the best words to attract it. Choosing a business name is a marketing strategy like any other. If you know who your customers are and their tastes, you can attract their interest through the right name.

Another factor to consider is the type of sentiment you want to generate with the name. Generally, a vet clinic is not a place that many want to visit. You must convey confidence and joy with your name so that customers lose their fear of going.

Let the ideas flow

The next step is to find the words that could be part of the vet clinic names. When it comes to the area of ​​medicine, your task is to look for options that evoke a sense of healing.

Some examples are restoration, flowering, healing, life, nectar, growth, enhancement, rehabilitation, among others. Each word can be related to medicine.

In this step, you don’t have to limit yourself. Write down every word that comes to mind and later you can discard them if they do not work in the veterinary clinic name.

The animal hospital name must indicate your purpose

As we mentioned previously, a business name is another marketing strategy like any other. That is why you should look for it to make it clear what your clinic is about.

Pragmatic names, as they are known, are those that have the function of the business or service implicit. Using them allows you to save on advertising costs, in addition to making it easier for customers to relate your business to a product or service.

These types of names are very popular in the digital age, and they are not difficult to create. Some popular examples are Netflix or PayPal. In both cases, the words that make up the name give clues of what they offer.

Unleash your creativity

Although vet clinic names should be kept professional, this does not prevent them from being creative. You should aim for eye-catching and clever combinations. A name should leave customers thoughtful or make them smile when they understand its meaning.

In this section, you should also look for the name to denote a certain intellectual character. If you want your vet clinic to be taken seriously by health professionals, you must show that it is a place full of knowledge. This is a powerful tool when recruiting new staff and clients.

Keep it modern

The current public is looking for what is in trend. Even medical services are not spared from it. A modern name is a clear indication that your company has not been stuck in the past.

The latter is especially important, as it assures your clients that you offer cutting-edge services.

Shopify or Zara are some examples of modern names that set trends. Its meaning goes beyond conventional words. In some cases, the meaning is given by the company itself.

Use vet clinic name generators

Business name generators are a great resource for individuals like you seeking the perfect vet clinic name or inspiration while naming your new clinic. The finest business name generators to test are NamelixThe business name generator, or the one from Shopify.

The vet clinic names you shortlist could be emotional

If you want your clients to quickly identify with your clinic, you must add an emotional charge to the business name. This helps the name become etched in their memories, and allows them to connect on a spiritual level with the brand.

Triumph Motorcycles is an example of an emotional name. This adds a sense of success that helps you quickly identify that you are dealing with a winning product.

Following the rules

Sometimes creativity must be dampened by some reality. Some names cannot be used due to regional regulations. You must take this into account from the beginning of the creative process.

In general, there is no legal limit when it comes to being creative. However, the name you want to use may already be registered by someone else. You should avoid at all costs using a name legalized by another employer, as it could result in a lawsuit.

A quick internet search can show on a large scale whether the name you have in mind is used. However, it is best to seek the help of an attorney who specializes in patents and licenses.

Less is more

Try not to overload the business name. If you use a lot of words, no customer will be able to remember your business name. Plus, you’ll make it difficult to even pronounce it, which will alienate potential users.

There are a couple of combinations that can work to keep the name short but powerful. Test with name + adjective or name + synonym. The first option is ideal to describe what services you offer globally. The second alternative is perfect for accurately indicating your specialty.

You can also accompany the name with a feeling or sensation. When it comes to medicine, look for options like safe or helped.

Look for examples in the competition

Look at other veterinary clinic names to see what has worked. Analyze each option and determine what is great about them and how they did it. The intention is that you have a clearer vision of what to look for.

Release stress with alliteration and jokes

Some names are eye-catching because they are empathetic and comical. Taking the concept of one word and modifying it slightly with another is one way to create eye-catching puns. It’s the clever (and sometimes absurd) combination that makes people stop to see your creation.

You can also try word alliteration. This consists of the repetition of syllables in several words, creating a kind of order. You should be aware that it can become confusing if you use the technique excessively.

Special characters make them unique

You can add some special characters related to medicine to the name of your clinic. Start with a keyword, then use a medical symbol that is easy to recognize. Something as simple as replacing the “and” with “&” makes any name gain character.

Now that you have all the tips for finding words, it’s time to narrow your search. You must determine the range of options that will serve you so as not to fill yourself with useless names.

The first thing you should do is delete all the names that are difficult to remember or read. Then, eliminate those options that do not combine with others, or that do not evoke any feelings.

Create limits depending on the type of business name you are looking for. If you go for the classic style, it is recommended that you eliminate all those that break the established schemes. Same for other cases.

Finally, check availability

Once you have chosen at least 3 possible candidates to be your business name, it is time to check one last time if those names are available. You have likely done it previously, but it is always good to make sure that the combinations are not occupied.

As previously mentioned, a quick search on the internet should be more than enough to clear up any doubts. Remember to check if you can register that name and domain.

Examples of veterinary clinic names

The Cat HospitalThe Vet SpectrumPet’s Best Vet Clinic
Harmony for AnimalsRefuge Village VeterinaryScottsdale Vets
Vet GroomWell Pets Veterinary CareThe Cat & Paw Clinic
FastMed Urgent CareBestCare Animal HospitalRural Vets
Just 4 CatsTrusty Pets Animal Veterinary ClinicPriority Pet Clinic
GoodVets UptownRefuge Pets Animal HospitalCaribou Rental Vet
Camelback VetsVet Specialty & Surgical ServicesAll Kinds of Heros
Happy Horse HospitalArchPaw Veterinary & Animal HospitalAspiring Veterinary Services
The DVM OfficeCare VetHill Country Veterinary Hospital
Veterinary EdgeDrPawPawVCA Animal Clinic
AZ Animal ResortFriendly Animal HospitalWashburn Equine
All about Puppy CareCreature Comforts Clinic and Surgical CenterK9 Pooch Service
Lincoln Ridge DentalHealthy Paws Animal Veterinary ClinicIntegrity Animal Care
Goodwill Vet ClinicFauna Animal Care & TherapyCahill Animal Hospital
Sunbury Veterinary ClinicHealthy Standard Of Care Animal Hospital1 Pet Resort
Very Good VeterinariansNeona Arch Animal HospitalAnimales Animales
Crystal Mountain Animal HospitalPet Life Animal HospitalClinicats
Banfield Pet HospitalThe Heel Animal HospitalAllPet Healing
Vet Med ServicesPaw Passion Your Pets Animal ClinicLucky White Vet
All Pet Vet ServicesDoctorBlissCharlie’s Pet Care
Homewatch EASCutePaw: Total Pet HealthAustin Vet Care
Wild West VetLil Pet Animal ClinicSciulli Svetronika
Globetrotter Animal HospitalAmity Animal HospitalVetcall Animal Hospital
Feline FrenzyWide ValleyPet Clinic of Tempe
National Veterinary CareMo WestHeal Veterinary Clinic
A Plus Plus VetOrion Animal ClinicAfter Hours Vet Clinic
Empower Cat ClinicEven Port Animal HospitalCruisin’ Pets Hospital
The Pet DoctorsAmelyn Animal HospitalBest in Show Vets
Pray It With LoveStanford Animal ClinicCrazy Cat Clinic
Exceptional Vets Co.Greaton Animal HospitalThe AnimalCures
Pawn1st Dog ClinicWide WayBella Wild Rabbit
Horse’s Kingdom VetHappy Pets Animal HospitalFurever Vets
A Friendly VetPet PanoramaDogwood Animal Clinic
Animates Vetcare ClinicSandberg Animal HospitalSmall Animal Veterinary Centre
Trusty Pet HospitalHealth festEscape Vet
Vet Cat ClinicVictor WoodMobile Veterinary Clinic
MedVetPet Nest Animal HospitalPrime Days Pets
Urban Pet HealthcareAnimal Bliss Animal ClinicRecovery Pet Clinic
PetfectionnTreat HopeHealth4Life Veterinarians
Good Cat PracticeLorenzo Animal HospitalWhite Rock Veterinary
Diva Dental CareWest Berg Animal ClinicWest Loop Veterinary Care
Animal Smile VetElite East Animal HospitalCrestview Veterinary Clinic
Athena’s Paws ClinicRosewood VetsDog Priority Clinic
Feline Care ClinicPet Metz Animal HospitalMoving Forward Veterinarians
Cats Love HousecallsHealth HillPiper Street Vet Clinic
Northlands Animal Care HospitalZing CrestVet’s Choice Pals
North Shore Veterinary ClinicAnimal HelpSunset Veterinary Clinic
The Pet UclickPet Space Animal HospitalBird Vet Clinic
Lovestock and HomeWills BerryRoyal Crest Vet Clinic
Seeming Veterinary ClinicNew life Animal HospitalVeterinareurs
ApexpetCarePlanet PetsTotally Vets
Pet-tastic CareSky Pets Animal HospitalTreatment Pet Clinic
Happy PawsCrazy PansFirehouse Animal Health Center
Paws and Claws Veterinary ClinicCoastal Bay Animal ClinicAnimal Emergency & Referral Centre
PAWS Medical CenterPet Essen Animal HospitalVictoria Veterinary center
Pet Animal HospitalsWhite Wave Animal ClinicHealthy Bones Co.
Animal WelfareSafe Crew Animal HospitalVets North
Cat Care ClinicHappy Grid Animal ClinicHospitalizing Cats
Animal and Bird HospitalHealth Quest Animal ClinicA Cat’s All That
Elite VetPuppy Comfy Animal ClinicVeterinary Partners
Morning Veterinary CentreNew Crest Animal HospitalVet Around Town
Beautiful Pets BoutiqueAnimal Curves Animal ClinicHappy Paws Veterinarians
Heritage Veterinary ClinicHealing ShadesFirst Vets
Andy’s Veterinary ClinicWood Wings Animal HospitalAnimal Center Vet
Street Veterinary ClinicAeroben PupsAnimal Emergency & Treatment Centers
The PawProtectorsHeal MottoSmall Animal Clinic
Paw PrioritySaving Hands Animal HospitalCaspian Vet
Republic Veterinary HospitalSpring BergVeterinary Ctr
Vet Farm & Pet Clinic.Star Eager Animal ClinicGoodVets West Loop
PeterinariansHealth TrackPet Health Centre
Cowell Veterinary ClinicTrinity Animal ClinicThe Pet Priority
Pets FirstCosmix Animal HospitalPear Pet Vaccines
The WellPetsHealo fly Animal ClinicMy Pet Clinic
A+ CatteryWynk Way Animal ClinicNewtown Pet Clinic
The Pet PracticePet Circle Animal HospitalGoal Vet Clinic
Las Vegas Wild VetMed fix Animal HospitalA Cat’s Life
Bat City Mobile Vet CareWhite Safe Animal ClinicDogs & Cats First
Holistic VetsHappy GraphyWild Companion Vet
Vets OneHeal Master Animal HospitalGoodland Veterinary Clinic
Road Vet ClinicPet Quest Animal ClinicVet For Your Pets
Capital Veterinary ClinicPet Presto Animal HospitalCritterAide
Paradise Valley VetPrime StoneVetCare Finance
Feel Healed VetsUrban PetsHorse’s Haven Vet Clinic
Preventive VetMarvello Animal HospitalAnimated Animal Doctors
Vets4PetsAustin Animal HospitalPathway Vet Alliance
The Cat ClinicFusion PawsVetlife Twizel
Victory VetsPeto Flex Animal ClinicWhistler Veterinary
A & B Pet CareAlright Animal HospitalPeak’s Animal Clinic
Your friendly vetWell WareWild Pet Desert
Louisville VetNorth Bay Animal ClinicCattle And Bull
C & A VeterinarianHealo RightMemorial Avenue Vet Clinic
Rosedale Veterinary ClinicAroma Animal HospitalHumanimals
Trusted Vets Co.Stepex Animal ClinicAnimals for Animals
D&E VeterinaryServo SensePet Place
Pet Health GroupPet Trail Animal HospitalHank’s Pet Clinic
Bee Cave Veterinary ClinicVet About Town
VetuosoSawyer’s Vet ClinicFix It Veterinary Clinic
Acute Companion Veterinary ClinicAnimal First ClinicGreenway Street Vet
Companion Care ClinicMayfair Animal ClinicVet-It up Clinic
Fine Vision Vet ClinicCool CreaturesFlying High Veterinarian
slice a miceMagic PawsAnimaleon
Comfortreatment Pet ClinicPawing PacksLove Pet Hospital
Gerbil TownAnimal HouseFeline Fetch
Fauna Vet ClinicCreature ComfortsOliver Animal Hospital
DoctorWellGiga Pet ClinicPetcare Vet Clinic
Gratus Animal HospitalPuppy LoveHandy Veterinary Clinic & Hospital
Profound Vet ServicesPet Life CareDelta Animal Hospital
The Total PetComfort TreatmentMeline’s Home
TrustivetPrecise Vet ClinicFar West Veterinary Clinic
ReliaCare VeterinaryCompanion Care VetsBroadway Animal Hospital
Best Friend Animal HospitalVeterinary SurgeonsCanine Health Clinic
Animal Medic Animal Veterinary ClinicWhite House VetsFour Paws At Four Points
PawPawsRxAnimal Health AgencyRoyal Crest Veterinary Clinic
The TrueHeel Animal HospitalVetPartnersExclusive Cats Vet
Safe Haven Pet HospitalMidlands VeterinaryHealthy Cats Clinic
Li’l Pet Animal ClinicBaken Animal ClinicFive Star Veterinary Center
Caring Claws Veterinary ClinicDisease ControlPioneering Vet
Reliant Care Animal HospitalEquine Pets HospitalWash-A-Dog Vetcare
RodentvilleAnimal Care CompanyNetanya Clinic
Paw Prints Animal Veterinary ClinicAll Paws VeterinaryThe VAM Clinic
DoWell Animal Veterinary ClinicSea Point Veterinary CompanyCross Vet Surry Hills
My Pet Place Animal HospitalAvonhead VetsPet Care Collective
Mighty Paws Veterinary ClinicHabitat Boarding CatteryThe Pawsy Vet
Trusty Tails Animal Veterinary ClinicCritter CareTick n Tock Clinic
Unconditional Love Animal HospitalFrankford Animal ClinicTruly Animal Health
Petite Care Animal ClinicPet Health CenterPrime Vet Centre
ProLife Pet CareDog And Cat HospitalDuke Animal Hospital
Pet Well Animal ClinicSunrise Pet ClinicMelton Veterinary Clinic
Fauna Animal Health BoutiqueCare Vets BridgendPremier Veterinary Group
Mother Goose Animal ClinicVeterinary DistributorsVCA North Scottsdale
Fauna Healthcare & SurgeryHealth Animal RescueEagle Eye Clinic
Vet Precision Clinic & SurgeryAnimal Medical CenterThe Paw Clinic
Quality Animal CareWoodsprings Pets ClinicAnimal Options Vet Clinic
Supreme Vet CareNew CantonHoppy Healers
WonderFULLcare Animal HospitalVet Mobile ServicesHappy Pets Vets
Assurant Care VeterinaryWide Way Animal RescueNoble Veterinary Surgeons
Newon Care Veterinary Clinic and Animal HospitalBeacon Veterinary SpecialistsGreat South Vets
FluffyPets Veterinary ClinicValley Veterinary ClinicBlock House Animal Hospital
MorePet Animal HospitalAnimal Eye CareDog Bones Co.
CareVibe Animal Health SolutionsAnimal Discount ClinicYour Veterinarian
Pet Life Veterinary CarePets PharmacyPet Doctors Botany
VeterinaryVitalityMedilink LabsRiverside Veterinary Clinic
Four LegacyHappy Animal HospitalThe Wild Vet
Trusted Pets ClinicVetFriends Animal HospitalAffordable Pet Care
All Creatures animal veterinary clinicHealthy Prints Animal Veterinary ClinicAvalon Animal Clinic
Lil Paws+Little CutesTreatment Target
Healthy Tails Animal Veterinary ClinicTrustedHands Vet ClinicLinda’s Home Health
Halo Pet Care & VeterinaryDoctor DolittleClare Animal Health
Precise Vet ServicesGoodHands Pet ClinicCheery Cat Clinic
Reliable Vet CompanionHairy Godmother Pet HospitalBack To Cat Clinic
Fauna Vet BoutiqueFaithful Companions Veterinary HospitalStudent Veterinary Clinic
Vetmedics CanadaAngel Touch VeterinarianVet To Your Door
Buttercup Veterinary HospitalWarkworth VetsVetaid Veterinary Services
City Pet Animal HospitalNature’s PawsLakeside Vet Clinic
Green Island Veterinary ClinicVet Health & Surgical ClinicAnimals’ Haven
Green Bay Veterinary ClinicVeterinary BoutiqueCat Vet Clinic
Veterinary Growth PartnersTrusty Paws Animal Veterinary ClinicYork Vet Clinic
Royal Oak Veterinary CareNatures Friends Animal Veterinary ClinicAnimals First Veterinarians
The Bizarro VetA Pet’s Best VetVetHelp
South VeterinaryAnimals Choice HospitalSun Veterinarians
Vet on CallProfound Vet ClinicAll About The Cats
Vet Pest ControlPetsBest ClinicSmall Five Vet Clinic Limited
Sky Pets VetsAll CrittersDog & Cat First Vet
Oak Street VeterinaryPet FriendVet-Euphoria
Phoenix Cat ClinicPet Medic Animal Veterinary ClinicFour Paws Veterinary Hospital
Small Animal Specialist HospitalbeLOVEd Animal HospitalCareVets
Animal Dermatology ClinicTails Wag Veterinary ClinicMeow Medical Center
Murrays Veterinary ClinicThe Animal BoutiqueLas Vegas Cat Clinic
Pet Clinic Of NevadaFitLife VeterinaryPet Loss Specialists

Buying a domain for your new company name

Ok, so you decided on a company name.

That’s great! What now?

Now you need a website and the first step of creating a website is getting a domain for that company name.

Here are the most affordable registrar options where you can buy a domain from: starting from $9.99Get your domain starting from $5.98Get your domain starting from $9.99Get your domain

Got that domain?

Good. Let’s move to the next step.

Getting the best hosting for you

There are lots of hosting options. Some are cheaper, and some are premium. And some in between.

If you want a small site where you will get a handful of visitors, get a more affordable option. However, if you aim for a high-traffic site, go for a premium option.

I’m using a premium option from Cloudways for my sites and I have zero problems with my hosting provider. Unlike when I had an account with Godaddy and I was constantly on chat with the support team.

Affordable hosting options

BluehostStarting from $2.95/moGet hosting
Liquid WebStarting from $9.5/moGet hosting
HostingerStarting from $2.59/moGet hosting
InMotion HostingStarting from $2.49/moGet hosting
KnownHostStarting from $3.47/moGet hosting

Premium hosting options

CloudwaysStarting from $12/moGet hosting
KinstaStarting from $30/moGet hosting
WPEngineStarting from $25/moGet hosting

Now that you have a domain name and hosting, it’s time to move on to the next step of the process: you need a website builder to create your website.

However, unless you want to let a few thousand dollars out of your account for a website design created by a web designer, you can do it yourself with a website builder.

Picking a website builder to use for your website

Ok. We got to this point.

Website builders are not all the same. There are actually quite a few differences between them. While I like to create websites on WordPress with themes from Themeforest and maybe with Slider Revolution, my father-in-law, for example, doesn’t know any code.

For my father-in-law and a lot of other people without code and design knowledge, a website builder is a game-changer.

Here are the best website builders that you can work with:

SquarespaceHands down, the best one for a business websiteStart a free trial
WebflowThe modern way to build for the webStart a free trial

And in case you want to build an online shop, here are the best in the game:

ShopifyTrusted by over 1,700,000 businesses worldwideStart a free trial
BigCommercePowerful, built-in tools for a better online businessStart a free trial
VolusioneCommerce for everyoneStart a free trial
JimdoUnburden your businessStart a free trial


You now have a website that you can promote to get more clients.

FAQ about the vet clinic names

How do I come up with a good name for my vet clinic?

It can be difficult to come up with a fitting name for your veterinary clinic, but it’s crucial to pick one that is memorable, distinctive, and accurately describes the goals and offerings of your facility.

You might think about having a brainstorming session with your group or family, looking up other successful veterinary clinic names for suggestions, and keeping your target clientele in mind.

Should I use my own name in the clinic name?

If you already have a solid reputation in your neighborhood or if you intend to serve as the clinic’s main veterinarian, using your own name as the clinic’s name can be a wise choice.

But be aware that doing business under your name may make it more challenging to sell it or grow it in the future.

Can I use a pun or a play on words in my clinic name?

Your clinic name can be made more memorable and catchy by using a pun or wordplay. It’s crucial to make sure the pun is tasteful, suitable, and not overly complicated or hard to understand.

Is it better to have a name that reflects the location of my clinic?

An excellent strategy to build a local reputation and draw consumers from the neighborhood is to give your clinic a name that accurately describes where it is located. The name shouldn’t be too restrictive or precise, though, as it can make it challenging to grow or relocate in the future.

Should I use words like “animal,” “pet,” or “veterinary” in my clinic name?

In your clinic’s name, including terms like “animal,” “pet,” or “veterinary” will help potential customers understand the nature of your company and the services you provide.

Therefore, it’s crucial to pick terms that are specific and memorable rather than utilizing generic or overused ones.

Can I use a name that is already being used by another vet clinic?

It’s normally advised to pick a distinctive and original name because using a name that is currently being used by another veterinary clinic might lead to confusion and legal problems.

To make your name stand out, you might think about utilizing a name variation or adding a distinctive element.

How important is the vet clinic name in attracting clients?

The name of your veterinary clinic is a crucial component of your branding and can help you draw customers. Your clinic may stand out from the competition and build a solid reputation in the community with a name that is original, relatable, and memorable.

Should I include my clinic’s services in the name?

Potential clients may find it simpler to grasp the services your clinic provides if the name of your clinic includes those services. Yet, it’s crucial to steer clear of general or restrictive language and use words that truly describe the variety of services you offer.

Can I change the name of my vet clinic after it has been established?

After your vet clinic has been founded, changing its name can be a challenging and expensive procedure because it may call for upgrading your branding, marketing materials, and legal documents. Generally speaking, it is ideal to select a name that you are certain will be useful and relevant over time.

Should I consult with a marketing expert before choosing a clinic name?

An excellent strategy to make sure that your clinic name properly conveys your brand and connects with your target audience is to consult with a marketing specialist.

They can assist you in creating a compelling brand identity, picking a name that is catchy and appropriate, and avoiding frequent traps and errors.

Ending thoughts on picking a vet clinic name

Spend some time considering what message you want to communicate with your vet business name.

When it comes to launching any business, even a vet clinic, choosing a strong, but also catchy name is critical. It appears to be a daunting task, I know. After all, it will influence your advertising, branding, and even what is written on your business cards.

The most essential thing to remember is to choose a vet clinic name that you will like since this is how pet owners will know you for.

If you liked this article about vet clinic names, you should check out this one with skin care business name ideas.

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