wpDataTables case study

How we helped generate a 24% average Month over Month growth for wpdatatables.com

From 11,000 organic monthly visits in 2018

to 39,600 organic monthly visits in 2019,

and to 100,000 organic monthly visits in 2020. 

About wpDataTables

wpDataTables is a best-selling WordPress plugin that makes your work with tables, charts and data management easy. 30,000+ companies and individuals already trust this WordPress tables plugin to work with financial, scientific, statistical, commercial and other data.

Their most pressing goal

wpDatatables was launched in 2013 and gained a bit of traction thanks to the solutions it offered to its users.

However, that wasn’t enough so in 2016 they started working with Upcut (back then, a part of BAW) to promote their product in the web design & development niche.

While this strategy offered a good stream of leads coming to the site, we were aiming for explosive growth and had to find a solution.

The solution

We wanted to take things to the next level. Instead of only promoting their product to various sites’ audiences, we developed a strategy to bring the audience to their site.

Thus, we created content that would attract and convert potential customers. Here’s how we did that:

  • We segmented their ideal users so we can write dedicated content for each segment, addressing their specific needs & desires.
  • We created an editorial plan for their blog and wrote value-packed targeted posts to attract wpDataTables’ ideal users.
  • We created a lead magnet for their main segments, wrote an onboarding sequence, and started sending regular newsletters to subscribers.
  • We used social media channels and content platforms that wpDataTables’ ideal users follow on the regular to generate buzz and drive more traffic to the website.
  • We included wpDataTables in existing articles that get loads of organic traffic, in top-notch publications we’ve partnered with for years.

The results

At the moment of writing this case study, we are experiencing a hockey stick growth for the articles we created on wpDataTables’ blog.

In 2018, the first year we created articles for them, we experienced an average Month over Month growth of 18%.

2019, the average MoM growth is at 24%, while in the latest months wpDataTables’ blog traffic has grown 50-70% from one month to another.

During this time, we have generated over 215,000 visits to the site with the blog content. The organic traffic generated by the blog’s articles during this time, should it have been purchased via PPC, it would have been $132,744, according to Ahrefs.

Starting with May 2020, the articles we created generate 100,000 visits per month and are on an upwards trend. 

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