How We Took a WordPress Slider Plugin from 0 to 221K Monthly Visitors

Our client, a leading developer of a WordPress slider plugin, faced the daunting task of transitioning from Envato to their own website.

The challenge?

Generating sales and traffic without the support of a third-party platform.

Our objective was to establish their blog as an authority in the niche and significantly increase organic traffic.

The problem we had to solve

The client’s move from Envato to their own site meant they could no longer rely on the platform for sales and visibility.

Additionally, their blog was non-existent, requiring us to build a content strategy from scratch.



We devised a comprehensive SEO and content strategy aimed at:

  • Establishing the blog as an authority in the WordPress plugin niche
  • Increasing brand visibility
  • Generating revenue through high-quality, targeted content



  • Less than two years


  • Published 102 blog posts
  • Built 424 backlinks


  • Created and published SEO-optimized content
  • Promoted the content through social media channels, industry newsletters, and link-building campaigns


In less than two years, we achieved remarkable results:

  • Monthly blog visitors increased from 0 to 221,000
  • Built a robust backlink profile with 424 manually built backlinks. We’ll ignore the ones that were created organically as a result of our promotion.
  • Established the blog as an authority in the niche

The case study, illustrated

The traffic for the blog articles that we created


Our strategic approach to SEO and content marketing helped our client transition successfully from a third-party platform to their own website, skyrocketing their organic traffic and establishing them as an authority in their niche.

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