We’re creating content for startups

Getting leads to your visitors is a pain. Google Ads are sometimes painfully expensive, Facebook ads are most of the time a joke, sponsorships on various blogs are efficient only if you've got the right agency to filter your publishers.

Considering all of these, the best move for you to do is to invest in inbound marketing.

We can help you get your target audience on your website where you can have complete control over the marketing message they receive.

How we got here

Upcut started with my passion for building high traffic generating blogs.

At first, I created these for myself. As big results started to show up, I started offering these services to the clients of the agency where I was working.

Several years later, we had to spin-off this service into a standalone company that would focus only on content marketing.

At the moment, we're a team of 15 people and growing fast to generate even more awesome results for our clients.

Bogdan Sandu, Growth Manager at Upcut Studio

Sounds interesting?

We aim for growth by improving our processes and the quality of our work each week. We constantly learn about new ways to generate results for our clients and we make sure to over-deliver every time.

If you have the same mentality as we do and would like to take your product to new heights, let's start a beautiful collaboration.