How We Took a SaaS Scheduling Software to 58K Monthly Visitors in a Highly Competitive Niche

Our client, a SaaS company specializing in scheduling solutions for service companies, faced the challenge of launching a new product in a highly competitive market.

Starting with zero domain authority, our objective was to build brand awareness and drive organic traffic through a multi-faceted SEO strategy.

We previously worked with the client by providing content marketing services for two of their previously launched products so they knew that our services work well to get exposure in front of their target audience and also generate sales.

The problem we had to solve

Launching a new SaaS product with zero domain authority is no small feat.

The client needed to not only build brand awareness but also rank higher in SERP to generate conversions.



We crafted a comprehensive SEO and content strategy that aimed to:

  • Build brand awareness for the new SaaS product
  • Rank higher in SERPs for targeted keywords
  • Generate sales and leads through content marketing



  • 3 years


  • Consistent double-digit growth each month for the first two years making the graph look like this:

  • Published various types of articles: TOFU (Top of the Funnel), MOFU (Middle of the Funnel), and BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel)
  • Built 444 backlinks


  • Created and published a variety of content aimed at different stages of the customer journey
  • Promoted the content and landing pages through off-site and on-site SEO strategies


Over a span of three years, we achieved:

  • A jump from 0 to 58,000 monthly visitors
  • 444 high-quality backlinks
  • First-page rankings for high-converting queries

Here’s a snippet from Ahrefs showing the growth of two of the landing pages that we helped create and promoted through on-site and off-site SEO:

What the client says

“The best result for us is the “snowball effect”. They created well-planned, high-quality content that triggered a constant exponential growth in our traffic and leads for years to come. It’s like investing in virtual “real estate”, even though you see the results months later, it multiplies all the investments.”

Alexander Gilmanov


Despite starting from scratch in a highly competitive niche, our strategic approach to SEO and content marketing led to impressive growth, both in terms of traffic and conversions, solidifying the client’s position in the market.

Impressed by this transformation?