Your content isn't generating traffic like it used to

You already have a blog section with lots of articles, but they don’t rank as well as you’d expect, maybe even starting to slowly lose traffic?

It appears that your content needs some optimization done.

Early in 2023, we purchased a domain that had existing content on it.

Obviously, the first thing that we had to do was to to update its old content.

The results? ->

While some marketers want to hate Google for pushing old content from page 1 to page 2 or 3 of its search results, this is a natural thing that should happen.

Old content uses old data and, in most cases, isn’t as useful to the user as it was in its prime.

Obviously, since this strategy worked so well, we started implementing it on our clients’ websites too.

Some traffic changes are ridiculous, while most are in the +25% to +50% range

Was it a one-time success?

Not at all

Client 1

+97% over all the edited content

Client 2

+25% over all the edited content

Client 3

+27% over all the edited content

Client 4

+33% over all the edited content

Your turn

Do you want to get a 25% increase in traffic without publishing new content and without investing in new backlinks?