We aim to make your product the go-to option in your niche.

We helped product-led companies grow their revenue through increasing their organic traffic. We can do it for you as well.

With our strategic content marketing expertise, we'll position your brand as an industry authority, driving customer engagement and loyalty.

Why us?

We like data. We constantly analyze what works and what doesn’t, and provide a solution for generating results.

Everything that we do is calculated and previously tested on our own sites. That doesn’t mean much until you see this chart on the right.

Here, we have a snippet of the monthly revenue that one of our websites has generating. Notice how we didn’t mention traffic but revenue? Getting traffic is easy. Generating sales with it is the real trick.


This could be a graph of YOUR revenue

The content marketing service focused on RESULTS

Do you really care about how many articles your blog hosts?

... Or do you care about what these articles can do for your business?

That’s what we care about - your results.

  • How much organic traffic you get on your blog
  • How targeted your traffic is & what ROI potential it holds
  • How we can improve these numbers month by month

What you get with our content marketing for startups service

A customized content strategy that’s tailor-made for your audience and up-to-date with the latest trends.

Well-researched, SEO optimized articles that are edited to perfection → totaling 9000 words per month.

Uploading the articles on your blog to save hours of your schedule & make sure everything looks perfect.

Planning & implementing your blog posts’ promotion so you get more organic traffic & a much higher ranking faster.

Easy-to-scan monthly reports where you see all the relevant data & know exactly what the next steps are.

Specialized experts for every single task, from research nerds to niche content writers, visual wizards & marketing pros.


Our Content Writing & Marketing Service costs $2,500/month.

That’s right: You get everything for just $2,500/month

We strongly believe that successful content marketing shouldn’t drive you to bankruptcy before bringing you that sweet ROI.

So we’re charging roughly $5,000 less than other content marketing agencies focused on results, just like us.

The catch

We are VERY selective when it comes to the companies we work with.

We have a tested & proven process that has worked wonders for our clients, so micromanagement is not allowed (for the sake of your results).

We only take on 3+ month-collaborations, so we have the necessary time to implement our content strategy & get the results we’ve promised.

Here’s how we get you these results

Our process to creating your high-traffic blog posts:

Step 1: Our Researcher dives deep into your industry & market and comes up with irresistible topics for your blog posts.

Step 2: We send you the topics for approval. Your input is always welcome and taken into consideration.

Step 3: When we get the green light, our Creative Director and Keyword Researcher put together the first draft.

Step 4: Our specialized Content Writer takes it from here and turns the first draft into a blog post your readers will DEVOUR.

Step 5: Our dedicated Visual Expert adds eye-candy visuals to attract attention and support the content.

Step 6: It’s time for the final touches! Our Editor makes sure every sentence of the article is impeccable.

Step 7: We upload your pixel-perfect articles on your blog and schedule them for you.

How we promote your articles to get targeted traffic

We’ve got a few WINNER promotional strategies up our sleeve.

Here’s just a taste of the tactics we master better than Luke mastered his lightsaber:

Community content promotion on highly-targeted social media groups & channels

Quality link building via outreach to influential publications & people in the industry

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until we deliver your first blog post?

It takes 2-3 weeks to get your first blog post ready. That includes the in-depth research & creation of your monthly content marketing strategy that we MUST do before writing your first blog post.

How long it takes to deliver all your monthly blog posts?

It takes 4-5 weeks to research, draft, write, edit, prep & deliver all your monthly blog posts.

When can you see the effects of our promotion efforts?

You can see your direct traffic growing just 2 weeks after we’ve published your blog posts.

Significant search traffic results usually occur 6-8 months from the publishing date.

When can you see effects on organic traffic & domain authority/domain rating?

The effects on your organic traffic & domain authority can be seen in 3 months’ time (give or take 1-2 weeks). You’ll probably also notice your conversion rates going up, up, up.

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