Few reality shows can match the prestige of Shark Tank. Originally contained to just the US audience, it quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Its panel of investors can choose to offer their large fortune to would-be entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs must showcase the product in the best light possible to make these sharks take the bait. If they succeed, they often achieve their lifetime dreams and hopes.

But such generosity isn’t cheap. Though the sharks can invest as much as they wish into the products they like, their money had to come from somewhere. Many rose to the heights of the business world after selling the companies they themselves built.

But just much is the Shark Tank’s net worth? Just how large a fortune has each shark amassed over the years? In this article, we’ll go over each of these magnates’ stories. Who knows, maybe you’ll find inspiration in their tales of success.

The Shark Tank net worth – every shark’s fortune ranked

8. Barbara Corcoran – 100 million dollars

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Though Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is the lowest of all sharks, it’s still an impressive amount. Apart from being a businesswoman, she’s also hosted numerous podcasts and written many books. She’s also appeared on TV shows here and then, the most notable of which is Shark Tank.

Barbara owes her success to the real estate company she founded in 1973. Called the Corcoran Group, she sold it for over 60 million dollars to the National Realty Trust in 2001.

Apart from being an author and an investor, she’s also an accomplished podcast host. Her many works include The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran, Business Unusual with Barbara, and 888-Barbara.

Barbara enjoys a successful marriage to Bill Higgins, a retired Navy Captain, and ex-FBI agent. They have a son Tom and a daughter Kate.

7. Lori Greiner – 150 million dollars

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Lori Greiner is a famous jewelry designer. She received her first major profit when she created an earring organizer. Following an advertisement campaign on cable TV, it made her one million dollars in sales. Up to this day, she created over 700 products for both men and women. She later branched out to sell cooking supplies and even remote controls.

Over the years, Lori acquired 100 patents all under the name. She joined Shark Tank during its fourth season and made great profits from Scrub Daddy, a sponge company she invested in. It became one of the show’s most prominent successes.

Later, she joined QVC and created the Clever & Unique Creations show. When she became the Queen of QVC, she had over 120 patents.

Apart from Scrub Daddy, she’s also invested in Squatty Potty. This investment quickly turned out to be profitable, helping her achieve her immense wealth.

6. Robert Herjavec – 200 million dollars

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Prior to joining Shark Tank, Robert Herjavec also appeared on the Canadian version of Dragon’s Den. However, the founder of The Herjavec Group didn’t always have it easy.

His family emigrated from Croatia to Toronto when he was just eight years old. To make ends meet, he had to work many minimum-wage jobs.

He first got into filmmaking but later decided to try his luck in the business world. He sold emulation boards for Logiquest until the company fired him. Undeterred, he created an internet security software integrator. Later, he also founded the largest cybersecurity company in Canada.

In 2000, he created BRAK systems in his basement. He sold it for over 30 million dollars to AT&T Canada. All these feats helped him become the successful man he is today.

5. Daymond John – 350 million dollars

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Daymond John entered the business world quite young. At the age of 20, he created his For You By You clothing brand. He was living at his mother’s house at the time. Apart from being a successful businessman, he also designs clothes and writes books. He appeared on various TV shows as well.

His most famous books are The Power of Broke, The Brand Within, Display of Power, and Rise & Grind: Outperform, Outwork, and Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and reward Life. He also helps ambitious entrepreneurs found their own businesses.

He is currently married to Heather Taras with whom he has one daughter. He also has two daughters with his ex-wife. Daymond John also managed to overcome cancer thanks to a surgery he had in 2017.

4. Kevin O’Leary – 400 million dollars

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kevin O’Leary is the second richest shark on the show after Mark Cuban. His success came from the SoftKey International company he co-founded. Before appearing on Shark Tank, he was also one of the judges on Dragon’s Den.

On Shark Tank, he earned the moniker Mr. Wonderful.

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The 68-year-old Canadian businessman didn’t always want to pursue a business career. He originally wanted to become a photographer but his stepfather talked him into taking the business route. This advice worked out perfectly for him. His first successful company was a sports programming company called Special Event Television.

Though he amassed a great fortune as the co-founder of SoftKey International, he didn’t become widely renowned until his appearance on Dragon’s Den.

He’s married to Linda and they have two children together.

3. Kevin Harrington – 400 million dollars

Though the so-called inventor of infomercials only stayed on the show for two seasons, he certainly made his mark. He owns Quantum International, a company under which over 500 products are sold. It’s estimated that these make 4 billion in sales alone.

He has several other business ventures such as Reliant International, Omni-Reliant Holdings, and Electronic Retailing Association.

2. Daniel Lubetzky – 2.2 billion dollars

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Daniel Lubetzky has been a recurring guest shark on the show since Season 11. His most notable achievement is the foundation of Kind Healthy Snack back in 2004. Mars later purchased 40% of the company.

Lubetzsky additionally co-owns PeaceWorks, a company specializing in consulting and distribution.

1. Mark Cuban – 4.7 billion dollars

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And finally, we reach the richest shark on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban was a precocious child. He began his first business when he was just 12. All because he wanted a pair of costly basketball sneakers. He decided to buy and sell garbage bags and made some money on the markup. Later, he also made an income through trading stamps and coins.

Once he finished business school, he worked at Mellon Bank. He became a millionaire in 1990 when he sold MicroSolutions, his first tech company. He sold it for 6 million dollars and earned 2 million from it after taxes.

His next major success was the sale of Broadcast.com to Yahoo. The company bought the streaming service for 5.7 billion dollars. He also co-founded 2929 Entertainment and bought the Dallas Mavericks. he’s also the co-owner of Magnolia Picture and Landmark Theaters.

Most entrepreneurs focus on this shark, hoping to benefit from his immense business expertise.

Final thoughts on the Shark Tank net worth

Ever since its debut in 2009, the ABC show Shark Tank has been growing in popularity. Every young entrepreneur dreams of appearing on the show. Even if they fail to sway the sharks, they still get to publicize their products.

Though every shark is successful, some have larger fortunes than others. But the differences in their wealth should be just informative. No matter which shark an entrepreneur appeals to, the investment will help them achieve their lifetime goals.

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