Las Vegas startups are on the rise, and it’s time we checked out what’s happening in this neon-lit tech hub. That’s right, Vegas isn’t just about casinos and flashy shows anymore. So, let’s dive in and see what’s up, shall we?

  • First off, let’s talk about the innovation—these startups have game-changing ideas that’ll make you think, “Wow, that’s insanely clever!”
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  • And, of course, we’ll dig into the stories behind these startups, because who doesn’t love a good tale of perseverance and success?

So, grab your favorite beverage and get ready to be wowed by Las Vegas’s bustling startup scene. You might just catch the entrepreneurial spirit or find yourself rooting for these up-and-coming tech stars.

Join me, and we’ll uncover the hidden gems of Vegas’s thriving startup community.

The largest DNA App Store in the world is By processing data from the majority of genetic testing, including 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, Dante Labs, and Nebula Genomics, apps turn a person’s DNA data into understandable health solutions. Moreover, they provide services for whole genome sequencing and DNA testing.

Downtown Project

The Downtown Project was established in January 2012 and serves as a holding company-like umbrella organization for investments in real estate, small businesses, the arts, and education, as well as technology.

The corporation has set aside $350 million to support Downtown Las Vegas’ restoration. Making Downtown Las Vegas a hub for inspiration, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, upward mobility, and discovery is the mission and purpose of the Downtown Project.


Imatrex is a pioneer in creating cutting-edge imaging solutions for the medical device industry. Imatrex, a small pharmaceutical business with only 36 workers and $5.1M in yearly revenue, is based in Nevada.

Members of the Imatrex team have a recognized and fruitful background in scanning technology in both the security imaging business and the medical imaging sector. Significant improvements in the treatment of heart disease and cancer have resulted from this research and development.

Several of the most prosperous imaging enterprises, including Invision, Imatron, Analogic, Neurologica, Hinnovation, Terarecon, Techniscan, Pyrexar Medical, and Photo Diagnostic Systems, were founded by important members of the team and their allies.


In 2020, Deimos-One was established. It works to advance the disciplines of robotics, purification, aerospace, and military, advancing technology to improve the standard of living.

The organization assists its clients in overcoming a wide range of obstacles, from shuttle and missile launches to creating reusable payloads and infrastructure for residing and working in space.

Beautiful Mind

Patient mental health is improved by Beautiful Mind using both natural and artificial intelligence. The startup’s main goal is to keep its users’ minds busy and in shape by using objective measures, AI, and trainers.

Beautiful Mind features a team of medical professionals and therapists who support patients through therapies, education and awareness campaigns, and medication management, so it’s not simply restricted to artificial intelligence. It has teamed with other companies and healthcare providers in Las Vegas and the USA to offer better services.

Prime Trust

Prime Trust offers AML and banking API management services in the cloud. It offers financial organizations API-based open banking solutions.

It offers options for managing risks, detecting fraud, keeping an eye on transactions, adhering to AML regulations, and more. It provides CoinRamp for cryptocurrency exchanges, PrimeCore for compliance and liquidity, and more.


For commercial real estate investors looking to source their perfect capital stack, they offer clear, effective access to the capital markets. The best debt and equity are arranged by professional capital consultants for your optimal capital stack.

They have been among the fastest-growing commercial mortgage companies in the United States for the past three years. In August 2022, their financing marketplace had closed transactions worth more than $1 billion.


By streamlining their back office operations and offering creative solutions to develop distinctive consumer experiences in the retail industry, OrderWithMe empowers businesses.

In order for them to collectively represent one sizable national account to their suppliers, the core product aggregates the demand of small, independent retailers across the nation. All of their purchase orders, invoices, and payments are managed using OrderWithMe. The company has so far raised 37 million in capital, and as they begin new projects with both well-known and small-business merchants, they plan to expand their success.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains creates uncensorable websites and launches domains protected by blockchains. Users can establish websites that utilise the decentralized storage network, InterPlanetary File System, by registering for the.

zil domain extension with Unstoppable Domains. These domain names can also be used in place of crypto addresses, allowing users to receive cryptocurrency payments using their own.zil domain name.

Pure Scientific Technologies

Pharmaceuticals and CBD products are being delivered to patients more effectively thanks to technology developed by medical device firm Pure Scientific Technologies.

The business’s inhaler solutions use Heliox, a helium and oxygen mixture, to deliver chemically active medications right into the bloodstream and cure ailments like lung illness while also delivering holistic CBD advantages.

Alto Pharmacy

One of the most well-known pharmacies that delivers prescriptions to your door 24 hours a day is Alto Pharmacy. With over 600 people spread out throughout its 6 locations, including Las Vegas, it is a sizable business.

With most current fundraising of $250 million in February 2020, it has received $389 million. Patients submit the Alto app their prescriptions, and it searches for discounts and the best offers before providing free delivery of the medication to the patient’s door. While the patients are at home, Alto handles delivery, price, and insurance.


The business provides a platform for backtesting stock ideas online. Users of the site can design their own trading methods, backtest them, and employ them to see how they perform.

The sort of stocks or ETFs that users want to trade can be selected, and users can apply filters and criteria to examine how those securities perform. The platform also offers a research tool to help users understand the outcome and return on investment of their bets.

A smart cloud platform called promotes compliance, automation, integration, and teamwork. According to them, files are important and ought to operate seamlessly with the existing systems used by businesses and their clients.

More than 1,500 commercial customers, small enterprises, and governmental institutions are a part of their profitable, entirely remote operation, which is also expanding quickly. By assembling a highly qualified staff, they were able to accomplish the uncommon combination of high double-digit yearly growth and industry-leading profitability.


The goal of Zoox’s founding was to make personal transportation for everyone safer, cleaner, and more fun. To achieve that goal, the team invented a totally new method of transportation. In crowded urban areas, Zoox will offer mobility-as-a-service.

They will be in charge of the fleet’s driving, charging, upkeep, and upgrades. Simply said, the rider will pay for the service. Amazon and Zoox teamed together in 2020. As they get closer to establishing the first Zoox ride-hailing service, they are concentrating on testing on both private and public roadways.

Mining Stock Valuator

The first high-tech app targeted particularly at investors in gold and silver stocks, Mining Stock Valuator (MSV), is poised to alter the way individuals invest in gold and silver equities.

Their web application, which was introduced in December 2014, connects users with potential investments by offering a distinctive perspective into the mining industry through real-time stock data, important metrics, eye-catching charts, and interactive maps. They provide a more sophisticated premium edition in addition to a completely free version of the application.


Software provider Adomni provides digital billboard services to businesses and advertising agencies. The business developed a potent self-service web platform that makes everyone’s access to digital signs advertising quick, simple, and affordable.

It enables advertisers to reach consumers on the go in a meaningful way, improving marketing outcomes. With their demand-side platform (DSP), Adomni offers self-service programmatic buying. They also offer supplementary managed services and a programmatic supply-side platform that allows other DSPs to access the inventory and conduct completely automated transactions. is a safe platform for exchanging private papers with clients and potential clients. It uses an intuitive dashboard to make it simple to view all the documents and people involved.

In order to ensure complete accountability and transparency, the platform automates the sharing process and manual approval of individual papers. It also keeps track of agreements over time and watermarks documents with the requester’s identity, firm name, and email address.


Bogo is a cutting-edge scooter-sharing firm with its corporate office in Las Vegas. It offers environmentally friendly electric scooters that cost as little as $1 to use. Bogo has a patent on the scooter’s design.

The double rider scooters are what make Bogo special. It works with two-rider scooters that are equally priced. Users can look for nearby Bogo scooters using a mobile app available for both Google and iOS. Each scooter has a QR code that needs to be scanned in order to be unlocked. After using it, leave it at your destination so that someone else can ride it after scanning the QR code.

FAQs on Las Vegas startups

What is the current state of the Las Vegas startup ecosystem, and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

The startup community in Las Vegas is thriving, especially in sectors like the casino industry, the hospitality sector, and the healthcare sector.

There is a thriving startup culture in the city that places a premium on invention, cooperation, and entrepreneurship due to the city’s advantageous location, low cost of living, and business-friendly atmosphere.

Yet, there are obstacles in the ecosystem as well, such as a deficiency of competent talent, scarce sources of capital, and inadequate assistance for fledgling businesses.

What are some notable Las Vegas-based startups, and what makes them successful?

Cybersecurity company Axiom Cyber Solutions, hospitality company Hakkasan Group, and healthcare technology service RXVIP Concierge are all examples of successful Las Vegas-based startups.

These new businesses have found success by employing cutting-edge technology, shaking up established markets, and putting the needs of their customers first.

Additionally, many Las Vegas businesses place a premium on community engagement and social responsibility, and this has resulted in a solid foundation of loyalty and support from both customers and investors.

How has Las Vegas’ reputation as a tourist destination influenced the city’s startup culture?

The startup scene in Las Vegas has been heavily influenced by the city’s status as a popular tourist destination.

Similar to the city’s thriving hospitality and entertainment sectors, Las Vegas’s startup community places a premium on innovation, quality service, and unforgettable events.

The city’s rising profile as a center for innovation and business has also drawn in skilled workers and financial backing from far and wide.

What are some of the challenges facing Las Vegas startups, and how are they addressing them?

Startups in Las Vegas confront a number of obstacles, such as a scarcity of available finance and resources, a talent gap, and fierce rivalry from other centers of entrepreneurship.

Several entrepreneurs are responding to these problems by forming strategic alliances with other companies and institutions, turning to non-traditional funding mechanisms like crowdfunding, and employing novel approaches to human resources in order to attract and keep the best employees.

How does Las Vegas’ startup ecosystem compare to other tech hubs like Silicon Valley or New York City?

Although the Las Vegas startup ecosystem is not as well-known as those in Silicon Valley or New York City, it has its own distinct characteristics, including a focus on the hospitality and casino industries and a developing reputation as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The city’s business-friendly climate and highly educated workforce also play a role in luring and retaining top personnel.

What role do universities and research institutions in Las Vegas play in supporting the city’s startup ecosystem?

The local startup ecosystem in Las Vegas is heavily supported by the city’s educational and research organizations, such as the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the Desert Research Institute.

These establishments serve as gateways to a wealth of opportunities, including incubators and accelerators, as well as cutting-edge research and talent.

Additionally, many Las Vegas businesses have strong ties to local universities and rely heavily on collaborative research efforts to foster innovation.

What industries are Las Vegas startups focusing on, and what are some emerging trends in the local startup scene?

Gaming, hotel, healthcare, and the entertainment sectors are just few of those where Las Vegas entrepreneurs are making waves.

Sustainability and environmental innovation, artificial intelligence and machine learning in a variety of contexts, and blockchain technology are all on the rise in the local startup scene.

What resources are available to Las Vegas startups, such as incubators, accelerators, and venture capital firms?

Many incubators, accelerators, and VC companies are available to Las Vegas’s startup community.

To ensure the continued development and success of businesses, these tools supply them with capital, guidance, and connections.

The VegasTechFund, The Mill, and Vitalize Ventures are just a few examples.

How do Las Vegas startups approach issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry?

Several Las Vegas-based firms understand the value of fostering a welcoming environment for employees of all backgrounds and perspectives by prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Las Vegas startups have taken numerous steps to increase diversity and inclusion, including forming diversity and inclusion committees, collaborating with local organizations to increase access to resources, and supporting entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities.

What is the outlook for Las Vegas startups in the next few years, and how are they positioning themselves for success in a rapidly changing business landscape?

Several Las Vegas entrepreneurs are setting themselves up for success in the new, competitive business environment.

Las Vegas startups will need to preserve their competitive edge by being adaptable and creative as the city continues to draw investment and talent and as new technologies and trends develop.

Las Vegas entrepreneurs have the ability to make a huge difference in their industry and communities if they take use of emerging technologies, form great relationships, and embrace social responsibility.

Conclusion on these Las Vegas startups

In addition to tax benefits, a low cost of living, initiatives by big corporations to revitalize the area, and more, the Las Vegas Startup Scene is drawing new entrepreneurs because the neighborhood is fully intentional about pursuing its mission. The aforementioned groups genuinely aim to support regional business owners without asking for anything in return.

By investing in local ecosystems for tech startups, cities all around the world have experienced growth with a hockey stick. It would lessen Las Vegas’ reliance on tourists, attract higher-paying employment to the region, keep trained workers there, support already-thriving local businesses, and develop industries that will only grow more important and lucrative in the twenty-first century.

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