Ready to level up your online game? Check out our collection of aesthetic Notion templates that will give your digital presence the boost it needs. Discover beautiful designs and layouts that will capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

Notion has become our favorite hub on the internet in recent months, and for a good reason. It lets us organize any aspect of our lives, be that work, school, or any private event. We like it because it is open to customization, and lets us tweak it until it looks just the way we want it to be. 

The best function is probably a Notion template. Using it, you can change and duplicate pages with one single click. Notion has lots of pre-made templates, but users still prefer to create one of their own.

Best of all, you don’t need to be a design expert to create a dashboard with Notion. Thousands of inexperienced users have discovered its benefits. This way, they tweaked it into the perfect workspace. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try and do the same.

It doesn’t matter which template you choose. Most Notion templates are designed to boost productivity, and they are offered free of charge. 

The most aesthetic Notion templates you should consider

Aesthetic Notion templates are pages within the Notion workspace that enhance productivity. They can make your day-to-day activity hub beautiful and unique. 

You have the option to download a ready plug-and-play template or create one based on your ideas. Any Notion template comes with different images and layouts, and you can change it any way you want.

Here come a list of the best aesthetic Notion templates you should consider for your daily planning. All these Notion templates have one thing in common – they let you organize daily activities beautifully and functionally. 

Aesthetic home dashboard

The Aesthetic Home Dashboard is an all-around template. It consists of multiple different pages for you to create do-lists, manage calendar events, maintain databases, and much more. 

Unlike other Notion templates, Aesthetic comes with a special documentation block. You can use this feature to keep track of your activities, for instance, movies you watched and movies you still want to watch. The To-Do list even includes a Wishlist, so you don’t miss out on any great deals. 

The documentation block will also align easily with your daily routines. It integrates with Spotify, so you can listen to your playlists directly from the dashboard. 

My life book – personal growth planner

Ella’s Notion template My Life Book is one of the most recommended free aesthetic Notion templates. It won’t only track your activities, but also help you understand your habits and improve your life. It covers all aspects from nutrition to spirituality. It even produces insights into your relationships and visions.

This is what you should expect:

  • Ideas on how to improve your health and your fitness
  • A place to write down your thoughts and get to know yourself
  • A list of spiritual goals you want to achieve
  • Insights into your romantic relationships
  • An evaluation of your life quality
  • A whole new vision of what you need to improve

Student OS – All-in-One Student Dashboard Template

Student OS is more than a simple Notion Template. It is a must-have digital manager for students with more than 15 easy-to-use templates and visuals. The Notion workspace is very efficient and provides you with all functions you need. 

The studying hub is equipped with a weekly timetable, class planner, and even a Pomodoro timer. It is also one of the few free aesthetic Notion templates that features a cumulative grade tracker. You can use it as a virtual notebook to create portfolios for your internship applications. Students can carry on the template to college or university and have all of their work stored in a single location.

With Student OS, you will also be able to plan extracurricular activities. This Notion template has everything you need to close your semester successfully. 

Notion project management template by CasstellaCo

More than a Notion template, this is an end-to-end aesthetic organizer. The targeted audience for this Notion template is busy project managers in need of a compact tool. With this template, they can organize their meetings and manage their schedules more efficiently. 

Thanks to the CasstellaCo Notion template, tasks and to-do’s are synchronized across all pages. You don’t need to go back and forth to plan your activities.

The coolest Notion pages you will get with CasstellaCo are:

  • Individual meetings & Group meetings
  • Timelines for each project
  • A Pomodoro planner

Aesthetic finance tracker

There aren’t many ways to make a finance tracker aesthetically pleasing, and yet Notion does it. The simple, one-page Notion template brings all finances under control. At the same time, it is very beautiful to look at.

Thanks to Finance Tracker, you have a Notion template to track your earnings and spending. You can do so on a monthly or yearly basis.

This is what you should expect from your Notion workspace: 

  • A single template that tracks personal and business finances
  • A monthly/yearly overview that helps you set your goals
  • A neat finance planner
  • A yearly planner you can divide into monthly overviews
  • A subscription tracker for fixed expenses.

The digital product lab

The Digital Product Lab shows us how Notion templates can be applied to creative work. The aesthetic Notion hub contains all components necessary for you to create your product. Best of all – you can track all activities on a single page. 

The Digital product lab is not just a template, but also a learning hub. It provides courses necessary to develop a digital product and to start earning from it.

The powerful Notion template comes with: 

  • more than 30 micro lessons
  • more than 50 workspace pages
  • a digital product for each workspace

Notion Template Social Media Planner by TheSeekerSociety

If you are a freelancer or run a small online business, this is the perfect Notion template for you. It will help you keep track of your content, and assist your efforts in establishing a prominent brand identity. The Notion template is equipped with marketing tools and lets you track ad campaigns on different digital channels. 

You will be surprised by how clean and easy its dashboard is. You get an intuitive home page from which you can navigate to any section or platform.

These are the sections you’ll be working with:

  • Content Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Plan & Schedule
  • Brand Identity.

Life Magazine

Here comes another beautifully designed aesthetic Notion template. Life Magazine specializes in organizing private events and keeps all your activities under the same roof. You will see your to-do’s packed on a one-page dashboard, and you can manage all your goals. 

With the Life Magazine Notion template, you can plan on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. 

Leading functions include:

  • A calendar plan where you can schedule all events
  • A journal of gratitude for your daily thoughts and accomplishments
  • A section for life notes where you can track your goals
  • Links for easy navigation for each dashboard section.

Other Aesthetic Templates you should consider

Throne of Pages

This Notion template is often described as homey and cute. It is, in fact, a very stylish home organizer that helps you keep track of daily routines.

You can embed all your to-do lists, keep a journal about your life, or simply gather all great ideas that come to mind. The aesthetic Notion template is easy to use and can customize it any way you want. 

Blue aesthetic notion templates

How about a Notion template that keeps all Notion templates organized? Get to know Notion’s template planner with proven organizational efficiency. 

The cute Notion template organizes each aspect of your daily routine. It connects to your Spotify playlist and keeps you motivated with cool and catchy titles. The free Notion template is there to help anybody, be that a student, a designer, or a freelancer! 

The set is divided into multiple sections, as is typical for the Notion setup. It begins with your Dashboard (a list of your goals, your playlist, and all your Notion pages). As you dive deep to discover its other features, you get an aesthetic Schedule for daily routines. Also, you can use a Planner that tracks monthly and yearly activities. 

There is also an Event Calendar and a Guide where you can learn how to make the most of these aesthetic templates. 

Writer page template

Are you an aspiring writer? Here comes a free Notion template that helps you launch your career. You can list and manage all your projects and goals. The Notion template comes with a log of current activities and resources. To make matters even better, you get tips on how you can improve your writing. 

Library Notion Template

Here comes a popular aesthetic Notion template for passionate readers. The layout and Notion setup is probably the best this hub has to offer. Check out the amazing color palette and the nifty item arrangement.

The Notion template also comes with a beautiful gallery view where you can keep your photos and videos. You can arrange and group books in genres, and get easy access to your items. The aesthetic Notion widgets this template has to offer are simply amazing. 

Classroom Home

Let’s once again go back to students and their needs. Classroom Home is one of the best aesthetic student templates Notion has to offer. 

This aesthetic Notion template helps manage classroom activities. it will accompany you from the beginning until the end of your study program. You can prepare and store assignments, track books on your read list, and gain insights into your grades. 

The aesthetic Notion template comes with a course schedule with multiple sections. Examples are assignments, weekly plans, contacts, materials, and more.

Final thoughts

Aesthetic Notion has reinvented productivity templates in so many different ways! With a Notion aesthetic template, you won’t only be practical, but excited too! Notion takes into account your personal life and your goals, and that is why so many users adore it. In many ways, Notion creators have changed our daily routines!

Diversity is also a great catch – you get an aesthetic Notion template for almost anything! The Notion dashboard is really easy to work with, and the designs are unique and pleasing to the eye. It is both a gym scheduler and a project management system. Now, how often do you get that?

Plus, you don’t have to be a skilled designer to use it. Template features are there to help you customize everything. Some of the views are even completely done, and you don’t need to change anything on your aesthetic template. What you need to do is to come up with the most effective workflow, and aesthetic notion will make sure you do.

We’ve presented you with the best Notion templates, and it is time for you to choose your favorite ones. Remember: The Notion dashboard can be applied to any aspect of your life!

Give them a try – you will be amazed! 

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