Maximize your time and productivity with our handpicked selection of the best Notion schedule template examples. From daily to weekly schedules, discover customizable designs that fit your unique needs and preferences. Never miss a deadline or appointment again with these practical and efficient templates. Streamline your workflow and achieve your goals with Notion today!

Even with dozens of rivals out there, Notion continues to win the modular productivity market. One of the reasons for Notion’s winning formula is templates. Using built-in or third-party templates, you can easily design and set up your Notion page. If you are planning to manage your work or business, here are the top N Notion schedule templates to start with.

Notion is a fantastic tool for organizing your life and work. But with so many features and options, it can be difficult to know where to start. Working on two or three different projects at the same time often leads to stress or ultimately burnout.  To avoid this, Notion and its inbuilt calendar feature might be of great help to you.

Using a Notion planner template, you can easily plan out your days, months, and even years. Map out what events, tasks, and goals you’d like to accomplish – and come back to them whenever you need a reminder.

Best Notion Schedule Templates

Notion power users can always set up the page from scratch. But then again, why waste hours creating a page in Notion when you use your time to get things done?

Go through the Notion schedule templates from the list below and get started.

Content Calendar

Use this content calendar to schedule and track all the content you’re putting out — from blog posts to podcasts to tweets. Every item on the calendar is a project, where you can designate the author (or who’s assigned), the type of content (article, event, etc.), and its status (scheduled, in progress, complete). Each one is also its own Notion page, where you can stash all related notes, research, multimedia, and do all your writing in one place.

You can also turn your calendar into a different type of database view. For example, you can create a board view of this same information grouped by status to see your content moving through stages of completion.

Travel Planner

Dave is known to make some of the best Notion templates that are more than just visually appealing but efficient; Travel Planner is one such template that helps you create a much better overview of everything from the start to the end of your trip.

The template showcases four types of databases – documents manager, ticket manager, money manager, and travel checklist.

The databases with this travel template are perfect with all the required features, but there is more to it with a travel checklist.

The travel checklist helps you with detailed planning on reservations, luggage list, accessories, activities, and more.

Key Features

  • Document manager to carry all your documents digitally, especially in the times of COVID
  • Tickets manager to manage all your tickets directly from the dashboard
  • Money manager to help you keep all the money information, such as money conversions and leftover budget
  • Travel checklist database to never forget any of your travel agendas, luggage, accessories, and other items
  • Manage reservation information directly through the dashboard for hotels, departures, car rentals, and more

Nomad OS

This is a thoroughly packed Planner Template for Notion (and to be frank, a whole lot more too). Created by “Notionium,” it is designed with digital nomads in mind. It includes an array of templates to help you plan and track different aspects of your life as a digital nomad.

key features include:

  • A Travel Planner so you can keep track of where you have been, want to go, and tickets/accommodation bookings.
  • A Travel Tracker to help you remember all the different places you have been.
  • A Master Bucket List with travel stats so you can see how many countries/states you have visited.
  • An Event Calendar to keep track of events, meetups, and calls.
  • A Visa Planner to keep track of your visa situation.
  • A Home Base & Business Base planner so you can keep track of your nomadic lifestyle.

Goals Zone

Are you looking to add some clarity and priorities to your tasks? The practice will only help you achieve short, medium, and long-term goals in the future.

Using the Goals Zone Notion template, you’ll have a centralized dashboard to help you stay focused on your most important life goals. It’ll make the process of goal-setting smooth, enjoyable, and effective by clearly breaking down the process and content within the template.

This Notion schedule template helps you add clarity and priorities for what you intend to achieve in the short, medium, and long-term future.

Sprint planning

Sprint planning helps product and engineering teams prioritize work and decide who has the capacity to take on certain projects. But without a clear way to track your scrum capacity planning, it’s hard to know if you’re scheduling the right work at the right time.

Use this sprint planning Template so you can easily improve your project management system and monitor important stages of product development. Add relevant information to your online table — like sprint goals, stories, and standup meeting schedules — so you can help keep your team on task and focused on a unified goal.

Ella’s Daily Planner

Ella’s Daily Planner is an aesthetic Notion template that’s an appealing and in-detailed daily planner template for Notion users. It is made in pink color and is specifically targeted at women. Here, users can find helpful sections such as a pre-plan timetable for the day, a weather widget, notes, tasks to do, and a goal tracker.

The timetable widget is perfect for pre-planning your day, and it is well-designed to fill in most of the important information.

Key Features

  • Pre-plan your day with a detailed timetable
  • A goal tracker to help you head towards a better lifestyle
  • Scribble an important list of events over the day
  • Pen down notes in a list format along with an image

Content Calendar & Social Media Notion Template

Managing your social media can be overwhelming at times, but this Notion social media calendar planner will help you streamline your content so that you can prepare posts ahead of time! Use the calendar view to map out your social media content for each platform and stay consistent with your profiles!


  • Marketing Goals/Campaigns
  • Brand Assets
  • Apps/Tools
  • Quotes
  • Hashtags
  • Client CRM
  • Marketing Resources Database
  • Daily Themes
  • Content Buckets
  • Content Ideas
  • Content Types
  • Marketing Projects Database
  • Database also includes
  • Content Editorial Calendar Views
  • Published Content Views

Ultimate Planner Dashboard – Weekly & Monthly Task Calendar

The Ultimate Planner Dashboard is a robust task planning dashboard designed to help you get more done! With the pre-built daily, weekly, and monthly board and calendar views, get an overview of how you’re doing, both productivity and mood-wise, map out your tasks by time and priority, stay motived with automatic productivity ratings, monitor your efficiency with automatic task progress bars, track your daily mood and habits, set daily affirmations, and so much more.

Features include:

  • A task list that is organized by days, priority, and to-do
  • A productivity tracker that is based on hours allotted vs. hours used per task
  • An automatically generated rating for each task and day
  • A calendar view of your planned tasks
  • A board for visualizing your progress on goals
  • Widgets for tracking your most important metrics

Notion Daily Schedule Template

Bring your calendar and to-do list under one roof with this versatile Notion Daily Schedule template, and add new tasks, events and reminders with the click of a button.

By default, the list will show you all of the items in your schedule today, in a timeline broken into fifteen-minute intervals. You can choose to view these in a list if you’d rather have a straight-line breakout, organized in chronological order.
Option to view all incomplete tasks today, yesterday, this week and this month, as well as view all events and tasks added to the schedule without a deadline. Overdue tasks will sort from oldest (most overdue) to newest (least overdue).

You can set reminders when adding a new item to your schedule, which will be pushed to all devices you have the Notion App installed on in line with your preference (similar to Microsoft Outlook) and check them off when you finish each item.

Project schedule

Spin up a schedule for complex, multi-month projects in minutes. View the project by Gantt-style timeline, calendar, or a simple list of all tasks. Simply drag tasks around to change dates in this Notion schedule template.

You can also use the provided Meeting, Deliverable, Milestone, Legal, and Billing templates to populate this setup or create your own activities.

A Productive Life OS – Weekly Scheduling Template

Plan and manage both your personal and work life with the Productive Life OS template! Use this Notion schedule template to streamline your workflow to get more things done each day. Use the weekly scheduling system to map out your days, and the yearly planner system to review your year and plan the next!


A daily planner helps you plan your entire day and helps you become more productive. However, choosing the best Notion daily planner template can be confusing, with many options onboard unless you select one from our list. Which is your favorite Notion template from the list? Do let us know in the comment section.

From creating an editorial calendar and planning your personal life to keeping track of assignments for school or building a habit tracker to assist in forming a new routine, Notion is fantastic tool for creating planners.

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